Causes of Miscarriage


Miscarriage is terminating or bringing a pregnancy to an end. It can be a willing act (abortion), or non-intentional. Health care centers use the word non-intentional abortion.

Causes of Natural Miscarriage

Incompatibility between the fetus and the mother’s blood can lead to a miscarriage. In this case, where the fetus and mothers blood are incompatible, it is said to be Rh factor incompatibility. This nature of miscarriage occurs when the blood type of the mother is Rh negative, while that of the fetus is Rh positive. To make it clear, each person has a separate protein in every cell of their body. This protein helps the organization identify cells that belong to it so that, the immune system does not destroy them. The Rh factor pertains to the group of specific proteins in our blood cells. When the difference occurs between the Rh factor of a mother and the fetus (mother being negative and fetus positive), the body of a mother will recognize a fetus as a foreign thing, and can bring about a miscarriage. But, due to improved health services, Rh incompatibility is not commonly the cause of miscarriages. During the early days of pregnancy, a test for Rh factor type is carried out. If the mother is Rh negative, proper preventive actions are applied to curb a miscarriage.

Other miscarriages can occur due to unknown reasons. In some cases, a miscarriage can occur without any reason. Few people criticize environmental constituents like pesticides, hormones or the antibiotics used by farmers when rearing livestock. To date, no evidence has come out to show that the use of, hormones and antibiotics in livestock can lead to a miscarriage.

Another case which can cause a miscarriage is, during fertilization an ovum may fail to attach itself at the right place. For a safe pregnancy, the ovum should implant itself inside the uterine cavity. When a fertilized egg attaches outside the uterine, ectopic pregnancy occur. Thus, a miscarriage will occur. Most people term it as a “tubal pregnancy.”

When pregnant, Injury on the abdomen area or trauma can cause a miscarriage. Injury on an abdominal area from the blunt force or shocks of a vehicle accident can result in miscarriage Consuming illegal drugs when pregnant can lead to a high risk of having a miscarriage. Illicit drugs can cross from the mother’s bloodstream to the fetus bloodstream. Since the fetus organs are still growing, and they are not able to filter out the toxic substances from illegal drugs. As a result, the harmful material continues to increase and become poisonous to the fetus. The organs fail when in toxic levels, and the fetus might die.

More about illegal drugs is that; directed medicine from the doctor can enter into a fetus bloodstream result and lead to miscarriage. Therefore, a pregnant mother should only take medication specifically prescribed by a doctor who is aware of the pregnancy.

Genetics can also cause a miscarriage. If it occurs in early pregnancy, the woman might not have realized whether she was pregnant. If this kind of miscarriage happens, the woman may think that she had had an excess menstrual cycle that month, but the fact is that she had a miscarriage.

A woman who previously had intentional abortions, chances of future miscarriages are high. Intentional abortions make cervix irritable, or incompetent resulting to miscarriage. Moreover, deliberate abortions make mother’s body unable to sustain sufficient levels of hormones that are needed to support a pregnancy.

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