Carpet Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Family Healthy

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Carpet cleaning could be a challenge to keep your family always fresh and healthy if the right cleaning process is not taken. Even the cleanliness and duration of a carpet depends much more on how the carpet is cleaned. A carpet can remain new and tidy for years should it keep that way.

However, there will be discussed how to clean a carpet to keep it dirt and germ-free. Besides, how to manage time for cleaning to spend more time with family.

4 Professional Tips to Clean Carpet

The tips and instruction would be helpful to clean your carpet. You will find a mind map how to do the task besides others household work. It is essential to keep everything fresh and dust free. So, let’s have a look at the professional carpet cleaning tips.

Get a Vacuum Cleaner

If your house has carpet, rug or anything like that you must purchase a Vacuum cleaner. You cannot remove all dirt by mopping over it. Vacuum cleaner sucks the tiny particle of sand from depth. So, weekly vacuum your carpet. If not possible, try to vacuum once in a month. But the rug, small and thin carpet vacuum once in a week.

The stair carpet can be vacuumed monthly. Purchase handheld vacuum cleaner for your car rug and canister for bedroom, living room carpet. Stick vacuum cleaner would be excellent for stair carpet.

Do Not Rub Spills

It is quite simple to spills something on carpet accidentally especially the busy area dining and living room. We tend to rub the spills with cloth immediately. But we never know that the stain fixed there permanently by doing this. The stain never removed from the carpet. So, try to absorb the spill carefully.

Take a dry towel and blot up the liquid from the top. The stain won’t spread around and remain small. Besides, always be careful while eating or doing something over the carpet.

Avoid Carpet for various Activities

Many family keep carpet on bed room or study room and kids usually play or eat sitting on carpet. They find it safe for their children not sitting on the floor. But the carpet carries the most dust than any other belonging of a house. This is because it sucks the dirt and germ easily. Even it is not cleaned everyday.

If any home has a pet, the hair found on the carpet fiber. The pet hair carries germ and virus. So, don’t let children to eat sitting on carpet. Try to avoid doing any household chores on carpet. It will help to keep the carpet clean and long-lasting.

Carpet Cleaning Service

Get help with professional carpet cleaning services. They know the cleaning method according to the carpet. They provide repairing service, if necessary. They mainly offer dry cleaning and use many removal products for stain. You may find professional cleaning service around your area such as green carpet cleaning.

Every six month you can call the service provider at home. It is benefited from a busy mom. The big and heavy carpet and stair carpet need professional for cleaning. The handy vacuum cleaner consumes excessive electricity. So, everyone should clean their carpet once or twice in a year on a professional cleaning to keep it tidy and fresh entirely.

Do’s and Don’t Do’s on Carpet

  • Don’t put your dirty and muddy shoes over carpet after returning from outside.

  • Don’t spill water or liquid over the carpet and never try to clean it with water.

  • Never let kids play on it. They might make it dirty.

  • If the house has a pet, it is compulsory to vacuum at least once a week.

  • Repair the carpet immediately, if it is torn or the fabric started to come out.

In a Nutshell

Overall every person of a family has to be responsible for keeping it clean and stay healthy. It is not only the mistress or maid’s job to clean up every day. If every person of a family does their duty, anything could be kept neat and clean.

Moreover, carpet cleaning is a necessary and time required task. So, everyone’s should be helpful to keep it dust and stain free.

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