Career Choices for Students Interested in Elderly Care

The number of older men and women is expected to double by 2050 in the United States. While this might mean more grandparents, it’s also seen as an upcoming career opportunity space. Senior-focused careers are expected to see a significant rise in coming years, with the career path being filled with so much opportunity. Besides being financially rewarding, taking up a career working with the elderly can also be personally fulfilling. You’ll be making a difference in your community while also having job security. If this all sounds good, here are some of the caregiver career choices for those interested in senior-focused careers.

Social Workers


Social workers specialize in elderly care and work in both private and public facilities. They offer senior care consultation while helping the elderly and their families find the necessary services for their well-being. Some social workers also offer mental health counseling and assistance to those dealing with a terminal illness, the death of a family member, or their imminent move to a senior care facility. Considering the amount of empathy you’re expected to give, professional caregivers like social workers must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. The more advanced your degree is, the more money and responsibility you’ll be given.


An audiologist is a specialized medical practitioner who deals with diagnosing and treating all hearing and balance disorders. They work on all problems related to the ears and can be found in hospitals and clinics. Audiologists cater to different auditory processing issues, which is why they’re most likely to engage with the elderly. With elderly treatment, the audiologist works to help prevent hearing loss while offering better hearing assistance to an older adult in the form of hearing aids and implants.

Before choosing this career path, you need to finish medical school, which takes many years. So, try to be certain about your educational journey before pursuing this path. One way to be sure of your decision is to seek the best college counseling services from colleges or high school academic advisors around you.

Physical Therapists

Some physical therapists specialize in elderly care and treatment and help rehabilitate people with injuries caused by accidents such as falls. They also treat other mobility issues that affect the elderly. They’re found in both private and public health facilities, with both types of health facilities offering them a great median salary. The requirements for this career option, however, are really strict. The lowest academic certification required is a doctoral degree in physical therapy. This, in conjunction with a state license, ensures that you can practice your profession with competence wherever you choose.

Registered Nurses

The RN takes care of everyone who enters a health facility, but some specialize in geriatric work. These RNs work with older patients to help improve their mental ailments such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. They also work with the elderly, offering them the required medication to help improve their physical ailments associated with old age. A geriatric RN usually has a nursing degree with an advanced certification or degree in geriatric nursing. Compassionate caregivers can be found in nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities, retirement communities, and hospitals.

Recreational Therapists


If you have a degree in recreational therapy, you can become a recreational therapist for the elderly. This career uses games and exciting activities that help promote all participants’ mental and physical well-being. The recreational therapist works in rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and some community facilities for seniors. There are also recreation counselors who help elders with disabilities experience independent living. This role combines psychological advocacy and counseling to help the disabled elderly overcome and manage their mental and physical conditions.

Use this guide to help you decide on the best career choice for your interests in elderly care.

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