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Now that winter is over, we can all be thankful for a little less wind, snow and whatever else the cold weather put us through. Emphasis on “a little less” since we’re not completely finished with winter yet. Depending on where you live, you’re probably still staying inside from the fear of getting caught in some really bad weather. And bad weather can have some bad effects on our bodies.

Which is why certain cosmetic treatments are popular throughout the world in these kinds of times. Botox NYC treatments are sprouting all over the city, as well as many other major metropolitan areas, because those of us that know about the amazing abilities of Botox know that it can help us move through the seasons.

So, what can Botox do for you in this transitional period from snow to rain?

Strong Skin, Healthy Skin, Happy Skin

Skin breathes and drinks, just like we do. It needs moisture, clean air, constant maintenance to stay functioning and carry out all its tasks. Think about it: what’s keeping all the nasty things outside from entering your body and infecting you? Your skin.

It takes the load off the rest of your body by defending it from all the baddies that float around through the air, crawl through the ground and even swim in the water. So, what you don’t want to do is disrupt its work by making it harder for your skin to protect you.

Taking proper care of it means that your skin stays strong and resilient to not just damage, but also all the little disease ridden stuff that hangs around in the air. There are some very good ways of keeping your skin consistently healthy and strong, regardless of the weather or season.

For example, the most basic and fundamental step of skin care is with water. Even if you use special creams, salves and other skin care products, you’ll always return to the most important product. Making sure that your skin is moist and hydrated means that your skin stays strong and ready to face any coming difficulty.

Dry skin is nobody’s friend; it flakes, it chips and it falls apart. That’s the sign that it’s not as hydrated as it needs to be. So remember to constantly keep it hydrated.

And how about air? Your skin breathes with you. And if it doesn’t get air, it can’t stay as fresh and vibrant as it should be. There are tons of these tiny pores on your skin that allow it to breath and they fill up with all kinds of gunk pretty fast, despite their tiny size. Sure you can wash your skin constantly, scrub really hard, but these pores are too small to clean out.

Which is why you may need a deeper, more specialized cleansing. Whether it’s a special cream, mask, maybe even a sauna to open them up, pores are cleaned using more complicated techniques. But once you get them cleaned out, it means your skin can breathe easier and can work much better under the constant stress of dirty city air.

How Does Botox Fit in All This?

You’ve probably heard that Botox is primarily used as a form of anti-aging. It’s one of the most trusted, safest and most efficient ways of getting rid of wrinkles. Which ones? A lot of them, from the forehead to the lips. It’s a very versatile tool and it has shown some amazing results.

But Botox has other abilities as well. While it may not hydrate your skin or clean out the pores, it does make your skin look much healthier and younger. If you compare the differences between a face that has not gone through Botox and one that has, you’ll see that there are smaller details about the Botox treated face which are a little more complicated than simple smooth skin and no wrinkles.

Along with wrinkles, our skin ages in other ways as well. For example, the hue seems to get paler, the vibrancy of the skin fades as well. In general, the face simply looks a lot less young.

Many people try using a whole bunch of products to get the same results that a simple Botox treatment can offer. They go through bottles and tubes of different skin care creams and salves, but nothing brings back the vibrancy like Botox does. Again, you can see the difference for yourself. Just go to any professional clinic’s website and see for yourself.

MiracleFace MedSpa has a very accessible website which offers client feedback, as well as a ton of before and after photos of their work, so you can see their work for yourself. Their Botox NYC treatment package has pleased many clients, loyal and new, for many years now and their professional work etiquette has put them in the spotlight of Botox and other skin care treatment clinics in NYC. But you can always try your own favorite clinic. Just make sure that it’s board approved.

Speaking of clinics; you may be glad to know that Botox nowadays is cheaper than it’s very been. Thanks to how easy the treatment and how safe the equipment and compound utilized have become, it’s easy to see that clinics nowadays are a lot more comfortable with offering a wide range of sales to a bigger demographic of people.

But before going, always remember to decide on what you want from your treatment. Don’t go in blind and completely rely on the people working there. You need to have made up your mind before going so as to get the best out of your treatment. So start thinking about where you want to get Botox and what you want it to do for you. Just don’t take too much time, since there are some great deals right now and you really don’t want to miss out.

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