Cardiovascular Exercise Tips

The cardio or aerobic exercises are those that increase the heart rate. In simple words, they are those with whom we feel that our heart beats much faster, we breathe harder, we shake and sweat like never before. For that reason, they are excellent for heart health and lungs, and also for burning calories quickly.

Running, swimming and cycling, for example, are cardiovascular exercises. Would you like to make the most of them for a complete workout? Do not miss these tips for doing cardiovascular exercise.

How to take advantage of cardiovascular training

Make “sprint”

Do you know the sprint? It is a brief interval in the exercise at a much faster and more intense pace and then resumes the rhythm you were performing earlier. These brief intervals of intense exercise help burn more calories and increase stamina, and of course, increase cardiovascular work. Sprint is an excellent trick to accentuate the benefits of cardiovascular exercise.

For example, if you are biking at a moderate pace, pedal well but very fast for one minute. You will feel that in that intense minute you exercise almost twice what you have been doing!

Use the arms

The vast majority of cardio exercises focus on leg work, so another way to increase your performance is by adding the arms work whenever possible. For example, when running on the gymnastic treadmill, do not lean your arms in the armrest, but move them as a complement to the movement of your legs.

Extend the duration of the exercise

With 30 to 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise a day, you’re fine. However, if you want to keep burning more calories, you can make an extra effort and stay for 5 more minutes. I assure you that in just 5 minutes you will spend a lot more calories.

Incorporate force

Cardiovascular exercises burn calories with high-intensity movements, although they can also be supplemented with exercise to strengthen muscles. For example, walk, run or pedal on the rise, or use the resistance of the water in the pool to tone the muscles. Personal recommendation an excellent exercise that combines aerobic training with anaerobic training is spinning. Test it!

Do more than 2 cardio exercises per week

One way to get more out of training is to vary the exercises you do, as this increases resistance and strength even more. In addition, repetitive strain injuries are avoided and the typical boredom is prevented from always doing the same. If you go to the gym three times a week, one day runs, another walk and another pedal on the bike.

Make it more intense

Add ramps when you run, pedal standing instead of sitting when you’re on the bike, replace the crol style with butterfly style in swimming … Look for some ways to make the exercise more intense and difficult so you can work a lot more. Yes, you’re going to get tired, but it’s worth it! Give as much as you can give.

I hope you take advantage of these tips!

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