Cannabis for cancer: a CURE or prolonged disease ?

With every new era and every new time, or season, there has been an increment in the diseases and its types. The story does not end here; it continues with the innumerous sources causing the disease(s). Be it the air that we breathe, or the food that we eat, or the drink that we intake. In short, the boundary of contamination is ever increasing with the increase in our needs. However, much of one’s wants and luxuries that have somehow become one’s needs, due to their addictive nature, undeniably and much to anyone’s imagination, are also the source for the end of lives or a cure for the disease; either ways. Such is a relation of Cancer and Cannabis.

Having the similarity of starting with the same letter “C”, they also have the similarity of being various in types. Marijuana, the most common type of cannabis, is commercially found across the globe and grown in warm and tropical climates. It has been used for herbal cures to diseases such as nausea and vomiting, mental disorders like schizophrenia. Other such types of cannabis or alternative names to it are weed, cocaine, opiates, pot, grass, ganja, and many more. Talking about Cancer, there are more than 100 types of cancer. That caused by drugs or intoxicants, is most commonly lung cancer, tongue cancer, larynx, and also several tumors. We all know that cancer cells are immortal; so now the question that rises is that “whether cannabis should be consumed to defeat these cells? And if yes, so why and how?”

Scientists have been continually researching on the biological components of, especially, Marijuana for the restoration of health from cancer. Talking about the United States of America, it cannot be sold or uses or prescribed officially. But researches are continually in progress for its medical use, and through researches it has been found that it could be used to somehow cure cancer, if not completely. Several discoveries have been made in this context, worldwide, about cannabis killing cancer cells. Providentially, cures to several types of cancer have been found, through the use of marijuana (used only for medical purposes). These types include Brain Cancer: studies have found that the use of cannabis halts the activities of glioma cells (a form of cell that begins in the spinal cord and the brain) that causes this cancer. The affected patients are also given an oral chemotherapy drug containing cannabis.

Furthermore, studies have shown that Cannabidiol (CBD) has been effective to fight against Breast Cancer by slowing down the growth of breast cancer cells. Moreover, the cancer cells affecting the Lungs, which is also the organ most affected by in smokers and drinkers; have been found obviate through cannabis compounds. A research published in ONCOGENE said that THS (cannabis compound) restrain cancer cell that permits Lung Cancer to develop in blood vessels, possibly by malnourishing the tumor cell. Other types of cancer that have been found an ailment of, through cannabis compounds are Skin Cancer; about which many anecdotes have been found that states to have cured cancer through a medical cannabis oil; Liver cancer, Leukemia, Stomach cancer, and many more. However, it is to note here that the studies on this field of medicines are still going on, and that cannabis should not be entirely relied upon for the treatment or defense of the cancer cell; since cannabis has harmful effects on human bodies, too. It is also to keep in mind that most of the findings are on the basis of medical trials.

The features, of cannabis compounds curing cancer, do not end here. If not in counteracting the disease, cannabis compounds are being studies to be used in chemotherapy medicines. To use them in the process of chemotherapies several ways are being practiced. One of such ways is through fully extracting the medical cannabis oil, which is extracted from the cannabis plant with the help of a solvent, which can be alcohol or ethanol. This oil is also known as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). Another such ways is through cannabis infused edibles which are a stronger source of pain relief. More of such ways is Vaporization which is about inhaling the herb on low temperature. It is also thought to be one of the fastest ways to relieve pain. All these ways help to cure different aspects of chemotherapy after effects. Some of those are nausea and vomiting. Vaporized consumption of herb helps to relieve the pain of damaged nerves; which is also known as neuropathic pain. Studies and researches have shown that consumption of medical marijuana extracts had led to lesser intake of pain relief medicines. Cannabidiol helps to treat seizures, anxiety, and paranoia and also counteract emphysema caused by THC (tetrahydrocannabinol: which is also one marijuana compound used to help with nausea, inflammation and used as an antioxidant), dronabinol (Marinol) and nabilone (Cesamet).

Moreover, nowadays there are other ways to use cannabis infused products as well. For example, some people prefer to use edibles such as gummies that contain different strengths of THC or CBD depending on the dosage required. Accordingly, provided that cannabis has been legalized in your area, thanks to the rise of online dispensaries, it is now possible to purchase cannabis candy online quickly and easily from dispensaries such as the Canada Cannabis Dispensary.

But as the daily life saying goes, that every picture has another side of the story too, so is the case with cannabis and cancer relation to the disease. As much it is discussed about how the herb(s) can be used to cure the immortal cell; it, surprisingly, can also be the cause of the disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) states the fact that around 15.3 million people have drugs disorderliness. It is also the most commonly used drug in the United States of America; amongst its teenagers. Another way that people nowadays have approached towards is that they mix tobacco, which is the most commonly smoked drug, with one or two cannabis herbs. Doing this not only makes them highly addictive to all kinds of drugs, especially the ones that they are inhaling, but also makes them highly immune to life threatening diseases, among which Cancer is the most common. The most common type of cancer that happens to these people is Lung Cancer. Since simply smoking tobacco has grave impacts on the performance of the lungs, so tobaccos smoked together with cannabis will then have unimaginable effects on the lungs, and Cancer is one of the results.

However, just a single person is not the victim. When a cigarette smoker creates a second hand effect, which is about a person sitting near to the smoker inhaling the smoke and getting much greatly affected than the doer, imagine the effect that will be created for the people near such a person who is smoking two drugs together. Weed, another cannabis herb, is said to be even more dangerous than marijuana since it is supposed to be inhaled more deeply than the rest of the cannabis herbs. Not only this but all of these addictives, the deeper they are inhaled the greater health risks they cause, contains poisons such as cyanide and ammonia. However, none of the studies have been able to give an assured answer about the connection between cancer and cannabis. However second hand smoking is observed to have greater cancerous impacts and most of the cases have ended up with lung cancers. According to the United States Centre for Disease Control the leading cause of increased deaths and the increment in cancer is the smoking of tobacco. Not only cancer and death are the result, but tobacco smoking also leads to prolonged vascular diseases.

On the contrast no observation or study has clearly shown signs or symptoms or cases of cancer caused by consumption of cannabis. Serious chronic illnesses have been reported such as Bronchitis and severe itching. As a matter of fact, marijuana consumption, largely, has shown impacts of improving the overall health of the patients with the complaints of pain, nausea, vomiting. Not only this, but because of its nature and the compounds that it contains, marijuana has been found to elevate the mood of people and make them feel more relieved and light mood.

Whether cannabis is a cause or cure for life threatening diseases like Cancer, is too early to say. This is so because there are more facts and anecdotes and cases of cure from cannabis, than complaints of diseases, even minor ones, due to taking cannabis. Maybe this is the reason of its increasing popularity, especially, among the upcoming teenage generation. It is ahead of its time to say in which context to promote or not to promote the use of cannabis. But what seems safe from the prospects of the safety of lives of everyone and to make this world a better place, use of cannabis should be curtailed and if it does contains any medical properties, then complete research and study should be carried out before practical and real life application undergoes, and also according to the rules and laws of the regions that band the drums for the medical usage of cannabis. Because as it is a famous slogan “EVERY LIFE MATTER”, so it should be that, for humanity, for culture, and above all, for safety!!!!!


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