Can your child wear contact lenses?

Many parents often wonder whether or not to let their children wear contact lenses. This typically happens when children show preference for contact lenses over traditional eye glasses. Kids usually have very compelling arguments for why they should start wearing contact lenses, which only adds to their parent’s dilemma. Many parents ask: at what age should children start wearing contact lenses?

When Should Children start Wearing Contact Lenses?

According to experts from Frames Direct, there are no hard and fast rules about when children should start wearing lenses. Children can actually wear contacts at any age. Even infants can and do wear contact lenses. However, there are certain factors that should be considered before allowing a child to wear them.

As a parent, you probably know that contact lenses call for the wearer to be a responsible person. They require one to take good care of them in terms of cleaning and storage. Wearing contact lenses is not also as simple as simply putting on regular glasses. All these are concerns that you should have in mind before deciding on whether or not your child wears the lenses.

Generally, if your child is a responsible person, they should have no problems wearing and treating contact lenses. If they usually complete their tasks in good time and they are generally neat and clean people, then contact lenses may be better for them than ordinary glasses. But if you have to remind your child to complete their tasks every now and then, you would be better off discouraging them from wearing contacts.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Contact Lenses?

1. Improves Self- Esteem
Regular eye- glasses have long been associated with low self- esteem. Children who wear glasses often become self- conscious. They may also become targets for criticism and even bullying. For these reasons, kids try to avoid wearing glasses as much as they can. Their next- best option is to wear contact lenses, and many accept this gladly. As a parent, you would rather not risk your child’s self- esteem and let them wear contact lenses.

2. Better Sport Performance
Contacts  could also improve your child’s sports performance a great deal. This is because they provide more stable vision than glasses, and that alone can work wonders for your child’s performance. They also don’t get clouded in case of bad weather. Moreover, they provide better peripheral vision than ordinary glasses. Better vision ultimately translates to better performance in sports.

3. Slows Myopia Progression
An interesting study at showed that contact lenses do help to slow the progression of nearsightedness, medically known as myopia. This is perhaps the greatest benefit that a child could gain from wearing contact lenses, because it means that their vision will not be too quickly altered by the condition. Additionally, a child’s eyes are not likely to suffer from irritation from wearing contact lenses, which is a huge challenge that adults wearing the lenses have to put up with. This is because a child’s eyes do not suffer from dryness as much as adults’ eyes do. When it comes to their eyesight, children have everything to gain by wearing contact lenses.


If you are wondering whether or not your child can wear contact lenses, the answer is that they can. However, buy your child contacts only if they will have no problem taking care of them and their hygiene. If they are responsible people, what is there to stop you from letting them wear contact lenses? Moreover, framesdirect promo codes are available for contact lenses and give a 10% off. It is recommended to buy day contacts at first until the kid gets used to putting on and taking off. Besides, some will unavoidably get lost so you don’t want to spend money in monthly or annual lenses.

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