Can You Make Wedding Invites With An Online Template?

Planning a wedding can be a stressful and time-consuming task. One important aspect of the planning process is the creation of wedding invitations. While traditional methods involve hiring a designer or printing them out you, an alternative option is to use an online template.

So, Can You Make Wedding Invites With An Online Template?

Yes, you can make wedding invites with a good online wedding invitation maker. Many websites offer pre-designed templates that can be customized to your specific needs. This can save time and money, as well as ensure that your invitations look professional and polished.

How to make wedding invites with an online template

To create wedding invitations using an online template, start by searching for a template that fits your desired style and aesthetic. Next, customize the template with your own text, photos, and other elements. Make sure to proofread your invitations before sending them out to ensure that all of the information is correct.

Choose an online template

First, choose an online template that fits the theme and style of your wedding. There are many websites that offer a variety of templates to choose from, such as Canva, Vistaprint, and Zazzle.

Template customization

Once you’ve selected a save the date template, customize it to match your wedding colors, fonts, and overall aesthetic. Many of these templates are easy to use and come with a variety of design elements such as graphics, icons, and backgrounds that can be easily modified.

Add Details

Next, add your wedding details, including the date, time, location, and any other relevant information. Make sure to proofread the text to ensure that all of the information is correct and that there are no typos.

Proceed to save or print the design

Once you are satisfied with the design and the text, you can then proceed to print the invitations. Some online invitation templates allow you to print directly from the website, while others may require you to download the file and print it on your own.

Use good quality cardstock or paper

If you choose to print the invitations yourself, you should use good quality cardstock or paper and a good quality printer. It’s also a good idea to print a test copy first, to ensure that the colors and text are coming out as you expect.


Once you have printed the invitations, you can then cut them to size and add any additional embellishments, such as ribbon or glitter. Lastly, remember to include envelopes with your invitations and address them to your guests.

Send the Invitations early enough

Make sure to send out your invitations at least four to six weeks in advance of the wedding. This gives your guests enough time to RSVP and make any necessary travel arrangements.

Making wedding invitations with an online template is a simple and affordable way to create beautiful and personalized invitations for your special day. With a little bit of creativity and attention to detail, you can create invitations that perfectly capture the essence of your wedding and set the tone for your big day.

Tips and tricks

Some tips for using online templates to create wedding invitations include:

Use high-quality photos or images-

When designing your own wedding invitations online, always ensure that you are using high quality photos or custom photos from your Gallery. By quality, I mean the colors, the background and the poses. If you have to use online photos, always make sure you are settling for premium photos.

Keep the design simple and clean

You don’t have to be too sophisticated to prove your point when designing wedding invitation cards online. Your invitations can be simple and clean and if possible use some clear font’s background and texts.

Use a consistent font and color scheme

The color selection can either make or ruin your invitation cards. Always use consistent font and color schemes throughout the project. If you have to mix and match, make sure its appealing and well presented.

Make sure all of the information is correct and easy to read

You don’t want to miss out important information when designing your wedding invitation online. Consider proofreading the papers and ensure that all the details included in the invitation are clear and correct. You should take time to proofread and check the location, date and other details.

What to avoid

When using online templates, it is important to avoid using copyrighted images or text without permission. Also, avoid using too many different fonts or colors, as this can make the invitation look cluttered and unprofessional.


Using an online template is a great way to create professional and polished wedding invitations. With a little time and effort, you can create invitations that are tailored to your specific needs and that reflect the style and aesthetic of your wedding.

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