Can Rhinoplasty Fix a Broken Nose?

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You probably have come across the term a broken nose. The paired nasal bones usually extend from your forehead to approximately one-third of the way, down your nose. The nasal bones are usually thicker near your eyes and are thinner towards the center of the face. They are in prominent location and thus they are the most injured bones in the body. Broken nose injuries account for ⅖ of all fractures. A recent study revealed that young people often suffer a broken nose out of playing sports or fighting. On the other hand, older people older people mostly suffer broken noses from falling. Whatever the cause, a nasal injury usually changes the function as well as the appearance of the nose.

Today doctors use a severe medical procedure known as rhinoplasty. Usually, this procedure is not helpful however it is not well received by people. There are stereotypes about this procedure, with others thinking that it is a frivolous cosmetic procedure for vain people. When your nose gets injured, your doctor will recommend that you undergo surgery to ensure that the nose heals properly and that it does not have any defects in the future.

What Is Rhinoplasty?

It is reshaping of the nose. You will hear if often being referred as to a nose job, or a nose reshaping. This surgery usually enhances the natural harmony of your face and in the ends helps one to achieve the perfect look they have always wanted.

Each year, cosmetic surgeons carry out this procedure. Studies show that in 2016 shows that more than 223000 such procedures were performed. The figure rose by 2% from 2015. Looking into the future more such surgeries will be carried out.

Is this Procedure Painful?

These days the procedure is preferred closed method and is done with all incisions being made inside the nose. They are done through the nostrils. There is no visible scarring, less bruising, less swelling and short recovery time. The entire procedure is not painful. The most experienced nose job surgeons such as Dr. Andres Bustillo of Andres Bustillo, MD FACS Facial Plastic Surgery is skilled in a closed method. He uses no gauze, and if need be, minimal and other materials for post-op packing as these are known to be the common cause of pain and discomfort

The Benefits of This Surgery

There are enough reasons and benefits to prefer this surgery, and not all of them have to do with making you look better, but enhancing your self-confidence and changing your life.


  • Improves your breath
  • Builds your self-confidence
  • Alleviates sinus problems
  • Prevents snores
  • Corrects congenital disabilities

Sign and Symptoms of a Broken Nose

A person who has a broken nose will usually experience pain. This is often the first noticeable sign that you have an injured nose and worse, a broken nose. Also, they will bleed. The bleeding comes from cuts inside the nose or fractures in the nasal septum as they bleed profusely when the nose is broken. Another sign is that the nose will swell after some time. It swells both from the inside as well as the outside, and in critical cases, the victim can have difficulty breathing, since the nose is completely obstructed. Another sign that shows that one is suffering from a broken nose is that the outside appearance of the nose may look crooked or collapsed. Sometimes, or all the time the bones of the nose would be easily movable and would often be clicked on attempts to move them. Usually, the patient would present with swollen and black or blue eyes. These can be the first signs that will tell you that your patient is suffering a broken nose.

Broken Nose In Kids Can It Be Healed?

Yes, depending on the degree of the break, the doctor may recommend the following for your kid.

  • Applying ice and keeping their head elevated to prevent swelling. This means that you will have to add them extra pillows at night.
  • The doctor will also prescribe pain medication example acetaminophen. Also, you should not give them aspirin and ibuprofen as these are blood thinners and can worsen the bleeding.
  • Packing placed in the nostrils; also a soft gauze pad in the bleeding nostril would work to stop them from nose bleeding
  • The doctor may also recommend antibiotics mostly when the packing is placed on the nostrils
  • Make your child rest and protect their nose especially when the bones are not out of place. This always works well if the bones are not disfigured or out of place. They should get some rest until the swelling subsides completely and the nose heals fully.
  • The nose bones may also be repositioned especially if the septum has deviated. This can be done using general anesthesia. There is also another kind of repair that usually is done a couple of days after the fracture, known as reduction. This procedure is usually done when the swelling has subsided. The bones are held in place until for like a week with a splint.
  • Finally, the doctor may recommend the earlier mentioned procedure, rhinoplasty.

Can old nose injuries be healed?

If you broke your nose before the age of nasal enlightenment, you do not have to keep living in the dark ages. Your nose could still be fixed even if you have stayed for it for decades after the injury occurred.

The doctor may recommend a corrective surgery which often involves re-braking the nose along the original break. Then, they will reset it using the latest techniques. The process is almost the same as what happens in a cosmetic nose clinic. Therefore, both the healing time and post-op treatment are identical.

Nonetheless, not all old nose injuries can be fixed. Some cases might have healed in a way that it would pose risks to try and correct them. Or, they may cause other health risks when you try to fix them. In such a situation, you rule out surgery. If you have a broken nose and are wondering whether it can be healed, the best thing to do is schedule an in-person consultation with a surgeon.

About Dr. Andres Bustillo

Andres Bustillo, MD FACS is a trained facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, who is also a board certified fellowship. This qualification makes him the most sorts after subspecialist in the South Florida region. The doctor graduated magna cum laude from Boston University. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and also holds an MD from the University of Miami.

With these and more qualifications, this is undoubtedly the surgeon you’d choose for the procedure. He currently works at Andres Bustillo, MD FACS Facial Plastic Surgery. If you’re looking for a rhinoplasty specialist in Miami, FL, please visit his site.

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