Can De-Stressing Ease Your Aches and Pains?


So you’re swamped at work, your boss is going off the deep end, your partner won’t put the dishes in the dishwasher after dinner, your kids have decided to sign up for two sports for the season (each), and you haven’t had time to properly veg out since approximately 2004.

Please realize one thing: you are not alone.

An unfortunate consequence of the 21st century is the trend toward over-booking, which leaves parents and their children alike with no time to de-stress. While you’re running around on a tight schedule, your body tightens up.

Chances are you haven’t stretched in months, maybe even years; and don’t expect sleep to loosen those tight muscles, because a stressful day without any time for relaxation just results in a tense night, during which your brain and body have a difficult time trying to recover.

Think back: Have you been having stress dreams lately? Awakened with a sore jaw? These are all indicators of the fact that you have not addressed your stress levels.

There are ways to end the aches and pains of every day, however; to relax your body, ease the mind, and prepare for the next few years of madness without spending hours meditating on the living room floor. Consider the following.

1. Try a weekly yoga class

The beautiful thing about yoga it that is stretches the muscles and eases those aches, while providing a relaxed, meditative environment in which your mind can unwind.

Yoga has been shown to ease anxiety, promote relaxation, and lead to prolonged health in both adults and children.

2. Go to bed earlier

Though sleep alone can’t save you from stress, an earlier bedtime can. By adding an extra half-hour to an hour before bed, you can relax, unwind, read a book, clear your mind of the day, and prepare for sleep.

Drink some relaxing teas about an hour before bed, then spend time with a book or magazine and some calm music. You’ll feel your tensions ease, which can save you from mental and physical aches later on.

3. Muscle relaxants and mind-soothers

If you are so sore your body is having a hard time doing what it needs to do, consider taking a natural muscle relaxant and giving yourself some rest. The natural relaxant will ease the tension so you can stretch, exercise more safely and effectively, and recline comfortably in front of a movie or TV for the day.

If your pains are more mental, consider taking some amino acids that are naturally present in your brain to ease anxiety, like GABA.

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