Can Adults Wear Braces? Here Are the Facts


There is a general misconception that only little children and teens wear braces. But did you know that adults too can wear braces? Due to orthodontic problems, dentists may recommend braces to straighten your teeth. If you need Cedar Park adult braces, your Freedom Orthodontics experts can use the orthodontic procedure to improve your smile and overall health.

Reasons for adult braces

One common reason for wearing braces is to straighten your misaligned teeth. Your doctor can recommend treatment based on the seriousness of the condition. Some braces recommended may include metal braces, porcelain, dental aligners, and lingual braces. Porcelain and ceramic are popular options since they are similar to teeth and are affordable.

As you grow old, the jawbone losses its density, and as your teeth adjust to the new changes, they shift. Sometimes the teeth can get crowded and cause some discomfort or pain when you chew or swallow. When this happens, you can have difficulty cleaning the teeth, which increases the risk of decay.

Your doctor recommends braces to straighten the teeth and deliver natural health. It also helps in boosting your dental health and comfort. If your teeth are straight, you will have more confidence than people with misaligned teeth. Braces enable you to express yourself, which boosts your interaction with other people.

Your doctor may recommend adult braces to enhance an orthodontic procedure. After the treatment, your teeth are healthier and straight.

Are braces permanent? 

One of the most common concerns is how long an individual wears braces. However, it depends on various factors and your recovery period.

Braces are not permanent, as they are recommended to straighten your teeth. The treatment period can last several weeks or months. Your doctor schedules appointments after a few weeks to adjust the braces. Afterward, the doctor removes the braces and puts a retainer for aligning your smile.

Everybody has varying orthodontic issues, influenced by other factors such as age, diet, and maintenance. For instance, poor maintenance will cause a longer duration with the braces.

On the other hand, adults recover more slowly than children, and therefore, you can wear them for an extended period.

Brushing your teeth with braces

There is no difference in brushing the teeth with braces for adults or kids. Open the jaw and brush your teeth below the brackets. Be careful not to brush aggressively, as this can wear down the gums. Instead, make tiny circles and use a soft toothbrush on the brackets.

Your doctor will recommend cleaning your teeth at least two times a day and flossing. Food particles tend to hide under the teeth, so it is essential to follow your doctors’ advice. If the braces become loose or get broken, contact your healthcare provider immediately.

Regardless of the state of your teeth, it is not too late to wear braces. Anybody can wear braces to prevent health complications. Even though results can take more time, the benefits are long-lasting.

Braces can align your crooked teeth and boost your oral health. Talk to the experienced staff at Freedom Orthodontics for your adult dental care consultation.

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