Can a Good Mattress Help Alleviate Your Back Pains?

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Your health is critical, and that can be affected by the amount of sleep you have and how you sleep. The furniture you use in bed, especially your mattress should be comfortable to prevent back pains. The type of back pain you’re suffering from will determine the best kind of mattress you should purchase, in our opinion what fits the best is the signature 12 inch mattress from Nolah. Now, this article explains various types of back pains you may experience;

If you have having problem with a lumbar disc you normally feel a sharp pain in one of your legs. You feel the pain from the upper side of your buttock down to the lower foot. Your leg may feel weak and numbness accompanied by a feeling of ‘pins and needles’. If you experience these, a hybrid mattress will usually help you obtain painless sleep.

If you are a spinal stenosis patient, you’ll experience pain and numbness on your back. However, you may not feel these if you’re in a flexed position. To control the pains, you need to sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees. You can also use a softer mattress or thick padding for you to ease the pressure on your shoulders and hips.

You may experience lower back pains from time to time. This condition makes you feel a sharp pain at the center of your lower back. The pain is dull but may become severe if you don’t be careful. You’ll need to sleep on a mattress that will not worsen the condition. Using a medium mattress can relieve the pain rather than using a firm mattress.

As you may have noted from the back pains highlighted above, you need to understand the condition you’re suffering. Then find a mattress that takes care of your back to prevent further damage. You should then sleep in a favorable position that does not accelerate the pain.

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