Calcium: The Body’s Most Abundant Mineral

Calcium is by far is the most abundant mineral in the system. The body of the person weighting 70 kilos contains about 1.3 kilos of calcium. Of this quantity, close to 99% is found in the bones.

calcium mineral

Calcium is essential for:

  • The development, growth and strength of the bone structure;
  • The permeability of the cellular membranes;
  • A good neuromuscular performance;
  • The heart contractions and rate;
  • The maintenance of the alkalinity of the body;
  • The coagulation of blood.

A deficiency in calcium mostly causes:

  • Bone deficiencies, osteoporosis, cavities
  • Cerebral and nervous weaknesses
  • Acidification problems, cramps
  • Several various disorders

Prevention and Health Problems

The taking of a good supplement of calcium is recommended as a preventive measure, in the form of a daily basic supplement. You will also profit from taking a supplement of calcium if you are suffering from one of the following health problems: anxiety, arthritis, fracture, hyperactivity, memory problems, menopausal disorders, nails, osteoporosis, premenstrual syndrome, rheumatism.

The best calcium supplement: a natural mixture of foods rich in calcium, magnesium, calcium citrate or calcium lactate and multiminerals such as bone meal and dolomite, combined with plant extract such as horsetail and alfalfa.
If you do not expose yourself to the sun, you should add vitamin D for an effective assimilation and absorption of the calcium.

List of foods that are a  good source of calcium: cheese, milk, cream, sardines, molasses, almonds, watercress, shrimps, parsley, figs, dandelion, peas, yoghurt, brazil nut, eggs, sorrel, cauliflower, carrot, celery, radishes, peach, cucumber, asparagus, plums, lettuce, grapes, spinach, orange, onions, lime, lemon, sweet paper, cabbage.

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