Butt Lifts: Do They Work and Are They Safe?

butt lifts

We are lucky to be alive in a time where women’s bodies are accepted at any size or figure. Curvy women are celebrated all around the globe, and body positivity is a big topic in the media, helping women who may have been seen as overweight in the past feel confident with all their curves. We now are accepting of, even idolize, the look of women with severe curves – a big chest and a big butt, the perfect hourglass figure. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look a little more like a Kardashian these days, and many are turning to plastic surgery to achieve this curvaceous look. Many are opting for a butt lift to keep their hourglass figure and get that perky, ideal butt. The big questions when it comes to cosmetic surgery are, is this safe? Will this work for me? What will this experience be like? To get a real idea of what the process will be like for you to receive a butt lift, talk to your doctor or a health professional who will help guide you through the process. If you’re just starting out and doing your research, think about some of this information before you take the plunge and know what to ask when you make that first appointment.

What is a butt lift?

A butt lift is typically done by removing excess fat from areas such as the thighs, and tightening the areas of the butt for a more youthful, perky look. This is a butt lift in the traditional sense, however what has become popular right now is the Brazillian Butt Lift. This type of procedure is actually an augmentation and provides a lift and fullness to the buttocks by using purified fat from other parts of your body or implants, similar to a breast augmentation.

Will it work?

You are going to experience the best results with a surgeon who is highly experienced in this type of surgery. A regular butt lift may not give you the results you are looking for if you are looking to increase the fullness of the buttocks, but it will give you a tighter look overall. If you’re looking to increase in size, a Brazillian butt lift might be the choice for you, and can increase the size using implants or fat from elsewhere on your body. Because of the latter, it is not recommended that those who are too thin opt for this type of surgery, as there may be little fat to pull from on your body. Overall, the best results can be determined by your doctor, who will know the type of lift that will look best on your body. You may not want to opt for this type of surgery if your weight is unsteady and fluctuates frequently, as it may alter the way the surgery looks over time. It is best for those who have maintained a healthy weight for at least one year. Being too overweight can pose health risks, as well. If done by a qualified surgeon, you should be able to receive a quality procedure with lasting effects.

Is it safe?

A lot of the major risks associated with butt lifts are completely cosmetic. You have the potential to experience unusual contours or unevenness of the areas where the surgery was performed. It can also be a dangerous procedure if, according to the Mayo Clinic, you fit any of these criteria – chronic conditions, such as heart disease or diabetes, if you plan to lose a significant amount of weight, if you have a body mass index that’s greater than 32, if you are a smoker, or if you have an unstable mental health condition. You need a surgeon who is going to properly take care of you when you go under the knife, and the risks are significantly increased when you undergo this procedure with a doctor who is not experienced, such as a clinic that might advertise low prices and deals but not employ qualified, experienced surgeons. There is a small risk of a fat embolism when undergoing a Brazillian butt lift, as fat can be injected into a large blood vessel and can travel to the lungs, posing a serious threat. This risk is low and extremely uncommon with doctors who are certified and have a strong track record in doing this type of surgery. Do your research and make sure you go with someone you are comfortable with, but who doesn’t try to push low prices and falsely advertise. You want to find someone who is board certified and who has an abundance of experience performing this procedure with much success.

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