Busting the Myths About Root Canal Treatment


Fixing a cracked or worn out teeth used to be the objective of dentists earlier but nowadays dentistry takes a more holistic approach that has led to a new concept of rejuvenation dentistry. Earlier, the only remedy for tackling bad tooth was either filling or extracting it. While the solution was easy, it had far-reaching consequences and did not address the root cause of the problem. Moreover, the loss of teeth affected the general health of patients in the long run as they were unable to chew food properly.

The new model of rejuvenation dentistry takes care of not only the affected teeth of patients but also the entire masticatory system comprising of jaw joints, neck and head muscles and nerves that are responsible for problems like chronic headaches, TMJ pain and damage to teeth due to dysfunction resulting from the components not working in harmony.  Dentists practicing rejuvenation dentistry find out the root cause of the problem rather than trying just to fix a few cracked or worn out teeth.  They want to know why the cracking or wearing away tooth happened, and once they identify the cause, it becomes the starting point of the treatment based on the complete diagnosis of the patient.

The paradigm shifts in treating dental diseases by taking a holistic approach led to the discovery of Rejuvenation Dentistry Root Canal treatment that has become commonplace today. The treatment aims at addressing the problems encountered in the tooth pulp without removing teeth that used to happen earlier. Dentists use root canal treatment extensively because it helps to retain the defective teeth after proper treatment so that patients do not face the inconvenience and suffer from other health problems that can arise from missing teeth.

Effect of Pulp damage

The pulp that extends from the crown to the tip of the root in the jaw bone is soft tissue encapsulated within the canal that contains blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue. When the pulp is injured or diseased beyond repair, it starts dying. Cracked teeth and teeth with deep cavities are the most common reasons for pulp damage. The opening formed on tooth allows bacteria to go inside that can cause infection of the tooth. Neglecting the situation would lead to pus formation in the tip of the root in the jaw bone thereby forming an abscess or pus pocket. The bone around the teeth can get damaged if you delay treatment. Removal of the pulp would become a necessity to avoid more suffering from pain and swelling. Some byproducts of the infection can injure the bone in the jaw. Aggravating the problem would finally result in tooth removal.

Avoid tooth removal

Root canal treatment is the only way to retain the affected tooth after proper treatment to cure the infection and rebuild the tooth. After undergoing treatment, you get a new natural tooth and avoid the difficulties of living with a missing tooth. During the treatment that usually consists of 1-3 visits, the endodontist or dentist will remove the diseased pulp and then clean the root canal and pulp chamber of the tooth followed by sealing it. With proper restoration, the tooth can last a lifetime, and you can retain your natural smile and eat foods you love thereby limiting the reasons for revisiting the dentist with the same problem.


Myths about root canal treatment

As it happens with any newly discovered treatment procedure, there are lots of misinformation and misconception spreading all around, and often people are unable to filter out the correct facts.

  • Since people want a pain free dental treatment, the most common fear of root canal treatment is that the process is quite painful.
  • The other concern about root canal treatment is that it causes illness and it is better to remove the affected teeth.
  • The last misconception about root canal treatment is that the process is expensive.

Now let us look at each myth closely to understand what the reality is.

The treatment is painful

In the early days of root canal treatment the procedure might have been painful, but as technology and techniques improved, the process is almost pain-free. Patients might experience slight to moderate pain for 2-3 days that subsidies under medication and as the body adapt the chemicals and medicines used for cleaning the canal and curing the infection.

Illnesses can happen from root canal treatment

There is no substance at all in the stories that float around about the possibilities of contracting some disease or illness after undergoing root canal treatment because the fears are just unfounded and mostly imaginary. Complications might happen in some cases of root canal treatment, but it relates to the specified treatment only and does not lead to any other illness. It seems that some poorly designed research conducted long ago spread the misinformation and it happened at a time when science and medicines were not as advanced as it is now. There is no evidence available about root canal treatment cause some other disease in the body.

Tooth extraction is a better option

Nothing can be far from the truth than believing that tooth extraction is a better option than root canal treatment. The best option in dental treatment is to save your natural teeth because no artificial teeth can replace the look and function of a natural tooth which is why root canal treatment has become popular. Not only the rate of success quite high for root canal treatment but the best part is that when done correctly the treated tooth can last a lifetime.  Tooth extraction followed by replacing the missing tooth with a bridge or implant is a time taking the process and needs further treatment together with added procedures to neighboring teeth and tissue that support it.

While the upfront cost of root canal treatment might appear high if you compare it with the total cost involved in various treatment allied with tooth extraction and replacement with the artificial tooth of implant or bridge, the price of the treatment together with its benefits turns out quite economical.

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