Burning Throat Remedies: Let your throat feel some peace and get over the heat

If you have been suffering from a burning throat be it severe or mild, it is important you take some step as a remedy to cure the burning pain. The first step you take to get relief is not a doctor but some immediate medications as a relief. And then you consider an appointment with a doctor to know the cause behind it. This is the reason why we thought of letting you know what kind of “medications” you can trust on, for an immediate reflex action to your burning throat providing you much relief from the pain that sometimes gets unbearable.

The 6 Easy Relief Ideas

  1. When it comes to medication the first thing that instantly strikes our mind is pills and of course they have an instant reaction too. An anti-inflammatory pill to take away the burning pain such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen work best on such throats and eliminates soring too if there is any.
  2. You can even eat iced food items like ice-cream or drink cold water, ice tea or chilled drink. These will act as a soother to the burning throat. You can even have chilled water which has mint in it as mint is known as a cooling agent.
  3. There are Throat Sprays for the help which has properties of numbing and anti-biotic contents. Therefore, you can use a spray like Chloroplasts to get over the burning sensation and feel relieved. All you need to do is open your mouth wide open and place your tongue outside, now spray it aiming towards the direction of the throat in depth.
  4.  Kindly do not consume food that has been served hot. Allow it to cool down more than the usual and then have it. You should not have hot food as it increases the burning pain a bit more and it feels irritating.

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  1. One should drink lots and lots of water as staying hydrated is of much help when suffering from a burning throat. According to survey reports, a man should drink at least 13 cups of water in 24 hours and a woman should have a minimum of 9 cups of water in a day. To soothe your throat, you can add a tablespoon honey in the water or drink. It lightens that burning pain to some extent.
  2. Avoid smoking when you are suffering from a burning throat because smoke causes more irritation in the throat. Even second-hand Smoking or Smoking at regular intervals should be avoided till your throat is free of burning or soreness.

Apart from all these, you can also prepare a few home remedies that are made out of natural ingredients which are easily available at home. Most importantly they do not have any side effects as such. Even if they don’t work, they do not cause any extra irritation or problem to the throat.

Home Remedies

  1. One of the most tried and tested home remedy has been gargling with salt water that is warm, as salt is considered as an antiseptic to inflammation and soreness of the throat. All you need to do is heat a glass of water and add a good amount of salt to it. After it has cooled down a bit or has become warm enough to take into the mouth, start the process. Baking soda too has the same benefits, so you can also add half a tablespoon of baking soda in the water.
  2. Licorice root tea which is widely available in the market too has a cooling effect. But you can make it more helpful by adding a few natural ingredients like cinnamon, cloves and chamomile flowers to the tea. Have it after you are done straining out the pulp. Have it warm and see some magic happen overnight.
  3. Tea that has been made adding a tablespoon of mushroom root in a cup of hot water. Leave it for an hour and then strain the pulp and have it. A mushroom root is available in a general drug store or you can buy it online as well.
  4. If you can kill bacteria then the burning throat gets away easily and at a faster rate. To kill that one can have a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar solution and a tablespoon of honey in a glass of warm water. Have it and you can’t gulp it down, just gargle it. Both have similar effects on the throat. If you will be just gargling, you can skip adding honey in the water.

Above all do not forget to consult a doctor if your burning throat still persists because it can become one type of a syndrome that never leaves you throat in peace. So, after you are done trying all the above-mentioned remedies, make sure you invest your time and money in trying to know the reason behind it.

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