Breast Feeding vs. Bottle Feeding – Know The Facts To Make the Right Decision for You

Breast feeding vs. bottle feeding is a question new mothers struggle with every day. They may want to breast feed, but know they are heading back to work in only a few short weeks, making the decision even more difficult. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages can help you make the right decision for you and your baby.

Breast Feeding vs. Bottle Feeding

Before you start to begin this is an either-or decision, stop and realize many mothers are very successful at doing both. They provide their daycare center with a combination of pumped breast milk and formula to use during the day. In the evening, overnight, and early morning they breastfeed their baby.

The challenge with using both methods can come from nipple confusion as your baby tries to adjust between using two different styles of eating. Some babies take to this with no problems and other struggle.

Now, to help you make an informed decision if you are going to choose between formula and breast feeding. Here are a few breast feeding vs. bottle feeding facts.

A breast fed baby is less prone to illness. This has been shown in many studies. The antibodies which come from the mother’s breast milk helps increase the babies immunity to many diseases.

Bottle feeding helps the mother get more rest. The biggest advantage comes from the fact anyone can feed the baby. When you breast feed other people can only bring you the baby, they cannot take your place.

Bottle feeding requires guess work on the proper amount of formula the baby needs. You follow the advice of the formula manufacturer, your pediatrician, and by watching your baby. When you breast feed the baby makes the decision and you really only know if they are full or not.

Breast milk is rich in natural nutrients. Formula is high in nutrition, but is only as good as the proper mixing and the quality of the formula. Breast milk nutrition can vary by the quality of the mother’s nutrition, making it very important the mother eat well and supplement with a good quality vitamin.

Cost is always one of the biggest parts of the breast feeding vs. bottle feeding debate. Breast milk is free. You can never do better than free. Formula is going to cost you $100 or more per month for most brands.

Breast milk does not need preparation, is always warm, and always ready. Formula requires mixing, warming, and can leave your baby crying for extra time as you get the bottle ready.

The final answer in breast feeding vs. bottle feeding comes down to a very simple fact. Breast feeding is the best choice, but not always possible. You can feel confident your baby will get high quality nutrition and grow rapidly on formula, too. The choice in the end comes down to what is going to work in your lifestyle and for your baby. Do not keep second guessing, just make a choice and move forward so you can both relax and enjoy life.

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