Breast Augmentation Singapore: Convenience, Efficacy, Cost


The stigma around breast augmentation in Singapore and Asia has been lifted and today patients are no longer ashamed to get the alterations they want. More and more aesthetic clinics like Allure Plastic Surgery offer these procedures, so it is fair to say people are swimming in an ocean of choice. However, you should not forget that surgical interventions have their risks, which is why it is paramount to put your wellbeing into the hands of a skilled professional. Scroll down this post to get the nitty-gritty of breast enhancement and see if it is your thing.

Accessibility and Convenience of the Procedure

These days, breast augmentation in Singapore is easy to access and all around the world. Cosmetic surgery in general is at its peak at the moment and breast surgery is among the five most popular aesthetic procedures. Hence, it’s not difficult to find a clinic where you live that could give you the opportunity to enhance your bust to the desired proportions.

Of course, the essential thing here is to search for a certified and skilled surgeon who will grant you a triumphant outcome. Without that, the risks will always outweigh the benefits.

In terms of convenience, lots of factors play a role. For starters, breast surgery is carried out in a medical setting under general anaesthesia and as such, it requires some hospital stay. Not to mention, the recovery is a long process that takes several weeks.

Next comes engagement. After you walk out of the clinic, it’s not over. You need to come back for follow-up appointments where the doctor will examine their work, see how your body is coping with the situation, and observe healing. They will check for signs of possible complications and scarring to ensure that everything is going according to plan and that you are having a good recovery.

Choice of Implants

Without a doubt, one of the most important decisions to make before you have a breast lift is the type of implants to use. The material will influence the results and longevity of your new breasts. Although you have a say in it, you should definitely take your doctor’s recommendations on the most suitable product

Silicone implants. Those are entirely made of silicone on the in and outside. The problem with that is that on the rare occasion that it leaks, it may escape into other parts of the body and cause damage.

People who choose this type should visit their doctors more often to check the condition of the breasts with an ultrasound scan or an MRI.

Saline implants. They do have some silicone part as well but save for the outer shell, the rest is filled with a saltwater solution, which is completely safe for the body. If it leaks out of the breasts, it will be expelled out of the body through its natural mechanism without causing any damage. There are different types of saline solutions, which is what dictates the shape, firmness, and feel of the bust.

As compared with their silicone alternatives, saline implants are safer. You don’t need to carry out frequent medical checks to ensure the implants are in place but you should still schedule annual trips to the doctor just to make certain everything is going well.

Alternative composite implants. Instead of the products mentioned above, these implants come filled with the likes of soy oil, polypropylene string or other materials.

Efficacy and Results

Being an operation, a breast lift is designed to have a long-term outcome. No one wants to undergo surgery every year just to sustain the results. However, you should know that the implants have a given shelf life and they will not last forever, which means at some point you are going to have to return to the clinic. Or you might need revision surgery to correct any issues or replace said implants.

Then again, some women choose to reverse the results and go back to their normal breast size after years of wearing implants. This is not commonplace but it happens every now and then. As people grow old, their visions for life change. It is possible that the goals you had when you were in your 20s are different from the ones you experience in your 30s and 40s.

Cost of Breast Augmentation in Singapore

  • The price is dependent on many factors, for this reason it can range from $8,000 to $15,000.
  • The more skilled and renowned the doctor is, the greater the fee.
  • Insurance does not typically cover the price because breast lift counts as elective surgery.
  • Certain things are not included in the price and therefore have to be paid out of pocket. These include lab work, prescriptions, anaesthesia, additional facility fees, etc.
  • If you develop any complications, as rare an occurrence as that is, you will need to cover the expenses yourself. To avoid those risks, you should stick with professional surgeons with a long history of breast augmentation cases and good reviews.

Choosing a Doctor

Finding a top surgeon is the biggest challenge to overcome before undergoing breast augmentation. Remember that it is your body and health you are putting on the line. By sticking with an experienced professional you will greatly minimise the risks and ensure a smooth and successful procedure. Here is what to look for in a surgeon:

  • They have to be employed at an accredited medical facility. Do not opt for people with a shady reputation.
  • They ought to have professional training and experience in the particular type of interventions you are looking to get.
  • It is best if they are familiar with both the standards and innovations in their field, and willing to embrace new practices as necessary.
  • They must comply with the set medical requirements.
  • They should follow an established code of ethics strictly.
  • They should have obtained certification with a government body that permits them to practice medicine.

All in all, you need to research your doctor of choice thoroughly before you put your trust in them. Ask people for recommendations and read online reviews to make better sense of the situation.

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