Bottling Up The Most Precious Gift of Life

water bottle

Water is used for different purposes in our daily life. Water can be replaced in all fields of life except for drinking. No other drink can beat water. Water obtained naturally was the best one in the past when there were no factories and no pollution. But now drinking water directly from nature is more dangerous than not drinking water. Even sometimes bottled water companies serve normal tap water in the sealed bottles. Great care is required while purchasing bottled water. Try to choose such companies who serve their product in a material other than plastic. The material should be biodegradable. The price of such products is a bit higher but it’s our gift to our upcoming generations.

The germs around us have become so strong and our eating patterns have shifted drastically to processed food that bottled water alone is not sufficient to fight the germs. Therefore, alkaline bottled rainwater is introduced in the market and is running successfully. Once the customer consumes it he can feel and see the difference between the drink they used to drink before and the drink they are drinking now. After the first consumption, they feel like there’s no going back. They not only use the product themselves rather they tell others as well. And insist they give it a shot.

Share Your Story

The story of a person to start consuming alkaline bottled rainwater is different. Some alkaline bottled water companies have introduced the feature of share your story on their respective website. A person can tell how hilarious or serious his situation was when he first started consuming the product. The identity of the person may or may not be revealed depending upon his choice. One could spend hours and hours reading about the experiences of other people and time just fly by. These stories act as a motivation for others to give a shot to this new change. Even if you are not planning to buy the product go through this section for the sake of entertainment.

This feature is available on the top bar of the home page. This is not such a feature without which the website will not become functional or lose its worth. It’s just an extra feature for the refreshment of the customers. However, there’s another feature namely pour your heart out. People confuse these two options. In pour your heart out, people reveal their dark side or if someone had done wrong to them. This one is mostly based upon anonymous posts.

Privacy Policy

When the above features are offered by the company then the privacy policy of such a company is a must to go through. Just like return policy; privacy policy is also not present on the top of the home page, rather it is present on the bottom right corner above the return policy on the website of the respective company. If a company claims to offer the above features and does not mention privacy policy, then it’s better to avoid these features. Such companies are mostly scams. Moreover, your dark moment is not a joke to be cracked and published around without your permission. Therefore, it should be kept in mind whether the person offering help is a genuine helper or not.

The privacy policy further includes the promise of not revealing your details that is your address contact number, email address to any other party, let it be research work or information required for any other objective. Your privacy is of utmost importance. The companies who fail to maintain the privacy of their clients do not survive in the long run in the market.

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