Body Contouring of The Abdomen – What Makes A Tummy Bulge?

stomach belly

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, everyone deals with the dreaded tummy bulge at one time or another. You can do a million sit-ups and squats, but the battle of the bulge remains a constant conflict.

One of the newest ways to rid your middle of unwanted fat is a procedure called Coolsculpting. This is a noninvasive technique that literally “melts” the fat away from the body. Coolsculpting results are immediate and lasting. There is no surgery, no downtime, no recovery time, just results.

You may wonder how you got a gut and why your tummy bulges. Here are a few reasons why your waistline could be expanding.

Food Allergies

When your stomach is bulging, and you have feelings of nausea, bloating, discomfort and excessive gas, you may have a food allergy.

A common myth is that people are born with various allergies. Most adults will develop an allergy to different food and nonfood items over time.

There are various medical tests that could tell you what type of food you are allergic to, or you could do an elimination diet for the same results. Simply eliminate a suspect food for a week, then track your symptoms when you add it back into your daily diet.

Stress Belly Fat

Everyone has stress, and for most people, it accumulates in a protruding stomach. The hormone cortisol is to blame for bulging your tummy. Both men and women suffer from this stress hormone.

Cortisol is the release of sugar into the bloodstream. If you are not using this extra energy source, it turns into cortisol, a type of fat, that settles in the stomach area.

Post Pregnancy Belly

Once you give birth, your stomach will not bounce back. Even with lots of crunches, a post pregnancy belly could last well into your child’s teen years.

Menopausal Hormone Belly

At the other end of a woman’s life, after childbirth, menopause is waiting. This surge of unwanted hormones can cause excess fat to build up in the stomach area. Since the hormones can’t be controlled, many women must live with a bulging belly.

Beer Belly

Men and women who drink more than two or three alcoholic drinks a week may find their gut sticking out more than normal. A beer belly is not only from drinking beer. The drinking any alcoholic beverages along with the lack of movement can expand your belly in a matter of weeks.

Sugar/Carbs Belly

This is typically the reason for many bulging bellies around the world. Carbs and sugar are so tasty, and hard to eliminate. The carbohydrate quickly converts to excess energy or sugar and unless you exercise day and night, you will not reduce your belly. Limit complex carbs to reduce the chances of a big tummy.

Thyroid Belly

This type of protruding stomach is caused by an excess of oestrogen hormone. This can affect both men and women equally. There are medications for a “lazy thyroid”, but the bulging stomach is usually there to stay.

Liver Belly

Men are more likely to suffer from this type of pot belly, which is usually accompanied by digestive issues, bloating, and excessive flatulence. Again, this type of stomach is due to high levels of sugar.

If you suffer from any of these types of stomach protrusions, you should check out Coolsculpting as an alternative to countless sit-ups.

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