Birthday Party Tips

The best day of your child’s year are easily Christmas and shortly followed by their birthday. Two special days that awe and amaze your child and in order to blow your child away, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t cost as much as the family vehicle.

Easily accomplished, a child’s birthday party can be arranged to be thrifty and amazing. You will want to begin right. Find the theme that your child is starving for. What is the one thing that brightens their eyes? If they are not in love with a TV or movie character, a special doll, or something simple to accommodate, then shoot for something else they like. If your child has no other infatuation except lollipops then it is quite acceptable to have a lollipop birthday party theme. Anything is possible.

Birthday Party Tips

By picking a theme you are narrowing the effort spent in traveling from place to place, and you also create a means to find generic supplies that resemble the appointed theme. Next, your focus goes to the ‘where’. Have it at home and clean up the mess yourself or pay five hundred dollars for one slice of pizza and a million dollars in tokens, just so someone else will do the dishes? If there is a neighborhood park, a local mall with a fabulous fun center (free), or even a friend with an incredible in-ground pool, the options for free venues are limited but possible to find. So go search and use that imagination to help save you some money.

The idea of saving is to not float towards minimalism but to find inexpensive quantity over expensive quality. Balloons, streamer, homemade piñatas and lots of Dubble Bubble, bobbing for prizes, pin the tail on the ‘whatever’, and many, many more. When it comes to children and games it is ridiculous how easy inventing homemade games, crafts, and activities can be; and cheaply at that. So get creative and search for individual ideas. I guarantee you’ll find at least ten excellent, and inexpensive, gaming ideas for kids within five minutes of online searching.

Keep the cake to the creative genius of the family cook. It will be beautiful and taste better than any grocery store cake could dream of. For what you pay to buy a pre-made and iced cake at a bakery you could make a ten layer chocolate cake at home. Buy solid colored plates and incorporate only one themed item into the mix. When it comes to the cake the kids aren’t worried about the plates or cups, as long as there is cake!

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