Bigger Breasts through Exercises

 bigger breast exercisesEven if the exercises do not literally enlarge the size of your breasts, you can make them look bigger, firmer and shapelier by working the pectoral muscles beneath them.

Some popular exercises for bigger looking breasts are:

Palms pressing

Join your hands in front of the chest. Press your palms against each other for up to 5 seconds. Do this for up to ten times a day, and repeat daily.

Extensions of the back

Lie flat on a bed or bench facing downward. One arm and the opposite leg is then raised up as high as possible and maintained in the raised position for 10 seconds. Change with the other leg/arm. Repeat this motion at least 10 times.

Breast pressure exercises

Place the palms of the hands on a wall for support and then walk forwards until both breasts are touching the wall. Now rest the breasts on the hands. The body is then used to apply gentle pressure on the breasts against the wall. This pressure is applied for several seconds before a brief rest. Repeat as many times as possible, but no less than 5 times. This exercise works best when performed daily.

Bench pressing exercises

Lie on a short table, bed or bench with legs touching the floor. Take two dumbbells of 5 kg each and held them with both hands and arms at the side of the body. Raise gradually until the arms are fully straightened and vertical. Gently lower the dumbbells until the arms are back at the side of the body, taking a deep breath in at the same time. The back should be kept straight and flat on the bench surface during this exercise. Care should be taken not to hurt the body with the dumbbells.

Butterfly presses

Take two dumbbells and held them – one in each hand. Lift your hands with outstretched arms up to the level of the shoulders. The upraised arms are kept horizontal and drawn to the back of the body, as far as possible. The arms are then drawn back in front. The motion should be repeated several times. Because the movement looks like the flight of a butterfly, the exercise is called butterfly presses.

Press ups

Lie on the ground facing down. The body is pushed up while keeping hands supported on the ground. All the body weight should be on the hands and toes.

To see some improvements, exercises should be done each day, for at least one month. They should be used together with some other natural remedies such as pills, supplement and creams. Healthy protein-rich diet is also a very good option when it comes to natural breast growth.

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