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There are many like us who wants to start the day by having a sip of the coffee cup. For having such a sip you may need to be at the local coffee shop or be at the cafeteria attached to your workplace.

At the shop it is costly and in the office cafeteria, you may not have the satisfaction with the taste. So, the only way out is to have an own espresso machine. Such a machine would help to make the coffee according to your choice.

Selecting The Best Espresso Machine

Yes, we are all puzzled by the variety of espresso brewers which are available in the current market. But, with the help of a few Coffee Dorks, we have taken the necessary time to perform a proper research.

Our research will help you find the best machine as per your own criteria. With such an espresso machine at home you do not need to spend more at the coffee shop or drink the stale coffee in the office cafeteria.

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The Types Of Espresso Machine Available

There are generally three types of such machines. You can select depending on the desire that you have. To name them they are semi-automatic, automatic and super-automatic. It would be best to know about these types.

Semi-automatic: The semi-automatic Espresso Machines are the one most preferred. It satisfies the wish to have such a machine at your own house. There is a learning graph as you have to operate the machine. The learning and experiment would allow you to create the perfect taste that you desire to have. A semi-automatic machine would give you control over the coffee that you make.

Automatic: This variety of coffee making machine does almost all the work by itself.  You need to have Coffee Grinders to crush the beans if you are not using a powdered form of coffee. It would be better to have a grinder along with this variety of coffee making machine. This will enable you to press the fresh coffee beans and enhance the taste of the espresso made.


Super-automatic: This is the one best suited for you if you want to have a cup of best-tasting coffee. Moreover, the time taken is also less. The machine takes care of everything and you have to push buttons to operate it. You can always have some control over the process by changing the setting. The machine would run according to the setting you have done.

If you desire you can save the changed setting and have coffee as per desire.

The Considerations Which Would Help To Refine Your Buy

Yes, these are the types of coffee making machines that you can buy. There are some other considerations which would help you to refine your buy. It would be better to have a look at those considerations before you set off to buy a coffee making machine.

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The preference for drinking: Make your preference of coffee an able guide to buying a machine.  It is better to know your drinking preference before buying a coffee machine.  Any of the above machines would suffice if froth and milk and espresso is a part of the coffee you desire. It would be ideal that you buy any of the above nature of machines according to the budget that you have.

If you like the specific taste of coffee or have many cups a day then the super-automatic one would be the ideal choice. Your inexperience in making coffee will also guide you to buy one which is less expensive. As you gain experience you can settle for a costlier version.

The nature of grinder: If you are using pods then there would be no need of grinders. So, if you are not then you can have a pre-grounded form of espresso or have fresh beans which you need to grind. If you love the fresh taste of coffee then it would be ideal to buy fresh beans and grind them. There are again two options which you can have. You can have the one having a grinder or settle for one without.

It would be ideal to have a machine which has a grinder attached so that you save on space and time. Definitely, it depends on the budget that you have and the desire of having a fresh tasting coffee.

The amount of pressure: The nature of espresso that you will have to depend on the amount of pressure with which water goes into the coffee.   If the pressure is less, the espresso would not have the best of flavor. Fifteen bars of pressure is ideal for having the best of espresso.

Machines having a pressure gauge let you know about the applied pressure. You can also control the amount of pressure applied. You can have a persistent pressure while making coffee using such machines.  So, it would be ideal to have a machine which has a pressure gauge attached.

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Time to clean the machine: To have the best of taste it would be necessary to clean the coffee makers  machine. You can avoid frustration if you can clean the machine within a short frame of time. Not having such frustration will make you have the desired coffee more than once.

So, when you set off to buy such a machine you need to select one enabling you an easy clean and assembly process. There are many such machines available at an affordable rate which you can select.

Machine Durability: Durability of the machine is a must consider while buying a coffee machine.  If you have to pay some extra bucks then also it would be ideal to buy a durable one.

So, by now you must have decided which coffee machine you need to buy.  You need to buy keeping the above considerations in mind. Following the above considerations would allow you to choose the best. Such considerations would also allow you to save money.  Not only that, you will also have the ability to make coffee as per your taste.

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