Best Time to Get Pregnant After the Miscarriage


Are you thinking about pregnancy after your miscarriage? Are you anxious about the cause of your miscarriage or heartaches of losing the baby? Are you really confused about and when to conceive again? Don’t stress out. Here’s is a healthy understanding of pregnancy after miscarriage.

More Chances of Conceiving After a Miscarriage

Miscarriage may cause intense feelings of loss to your family. You may experience sadness, anxiety and sometimes guilt in front of the family. Miscarriage is the spontaneous loss of a pregnancy that occurs due to o fetus problem that may not normally. Miscarriage occurs due to chromosome problem, embryo growth problem or poor health condition of women.

Miscarriage is quite a normal thing.  Many women miscarry before they know they are pregnant. Miscarriage is usually a one-time occurrence. Most women get a healthy pregnancy after miscarriage. Many couples who experience miscarriage worry will go have a successful pregnancy in the second time.  It is not necessary to wait for a long period for the second pregnancy. The normal 2 -3 menstruation period gap is enough for conceiving after miscarriage.

The predicted chance of conceiving after miscarriage is not risky. Once you are ready for conceiving after miscarriage consults your Doctor and get ready for pregnancy. The healthcare provider refers the maternal-fetal medicine for your healthy pregnancy and for best delivery. The reproductive endocrinology helps for the best treatment to ensure the chances of a healthy pregnancy.

What to Do When Face Trouble Conceiving

About 10 percent of women have trouble getting pregnant. The reason for not conceiving depends on reproductive life and ovulation problems. The health adviser says that the younger women may have ovulation problem, sperm problem, and issues with egg quality and strength. The older women have issues related to egg quality and quantity.

  • Ovulation: A cyst may cause trouble getting pregnant. Thyroid problem and gland produce may also cause a problem in releasing an egg during ovulation that may lead to delay in conceiving. A tumor may also cause ovulation problem.
  • Tubal Issues: Endometriosis is a condition where the tissue starts to grow outside of the uterus that causes infertility. The scarring trouble may block the fallopian tube to coincide the egg with sperm. This leads to trouble conceiving.
  • Cervical Problems: Cervical stenosis and trauma may cause abnormal smear that causes fertility issues. This may be the reason for trouble conceiving.
  • Stress: Too much of worry and mental stress may cause infertility of egg. The high stress and depression are the main reason for the delay in pregnancy.
  • Aging: The fertility rate decreased due to aging may cause a problem in conceiving.

In all the above cases, the women have trouble getting pregnancy or miscarriage problem. Try to fix an appointment with the specialist at the earliest, seek counseling and schedule testing and seek treatment gives a better chance of healthy pregnancy with the help of Text Tube Baby Treatment. So choose the Best Hospital with the lowest Test Tube baby Cost.

Once you are ready with the test results, the health care provider advises you for better conceiving to avoid miscarriage fear. Once you face the problem take it as an experience and make sure it never affects you in the second time.  This soulful strong feel will definitely save your second child. As per the specialist advice, do regular exercise and diet to avoid trouble conceiving.

 Is it harder to get pregnant soon after a miscarriage?

Pregnancy after miscarriage is totally confused and stressful. You may confuse in finding the best time to get conceive or what are the odds of miscarriage again? Some important tests are seriously recommended before the second pregnancy after miscarriage.

  • Blood test: Blood test is highly recommended to get more idea about the hormone and immune system.
  • Chromosomal test: This must be undergone by couples. This helps to find out the chromosome problem and helps to detect uterine problems.
  • Ultrasound: The health care provider tests the abdomen and vagina to obtain the image of the uterus and find out the uterine problems such as uterine cavity and fibroids.
  • Hysteroscopy: This helps to diagnose the intrauterine problem of the uterus.
  • Hysterosalpingography and sonohysterography Test: This X-ray and scan helps to find out the obstruction of fallopian tubes and helps to identify the problem for miscarriage or unhealthy pregnancy.

With the help of the above test, miscarriage cause can be identified and the specialist provides the best fertility medicine that helps for the second pregnancy. Never lose hope. Many women who experienced first miscarriage eventually have a healthy pregnancy. Once the women get conceive after a miscarriage, will definitely feel joyful as well as anxious. Till the birth of the child, the couple feels stress, depression, and anxiety. This may severely affect the born child. So be calm, listen to the melody and keep yourself happy to avoid miscarriage in the future. Talk about your feelings to the spouse and family members.

If you still feel uncomfortable better get advice from the Best Doctor at the Top IVF Center and get counsel for support and fear. Remember that your past experience may affect your future asset. So be happy and eager to welcome your new family member.

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