Best Smudge Proof Eyeliner for Waterline

Eyeliner, an essential element for eye make-up, is treasured by women of every age. Simple or elegant eye make-up is always incomplete without this key component. Whether you are a cat-eye diehard or a tightline or waterline addict, you never leave your make-up room without applying eyeliner. But if your eyeliner smudges after applying it on your eyes then follow this article to know about the best smudge proof eyeliner for waterline. Guide 2 fit is the best serves to the women who are waterline addicted.

best eyeliner for waterline

Essentials of an eye-liner

Nothing oozes effortless glamour, more than applying eyeliner. This key component of make-up furnishes you with an elegant look, no matter which style you prefer. With a touch of eyeliner you look more stunning and it magnifies your beauty. It is a universal fact that eyes are the most appealing feature of a woman’s face and when it is the matter of make-up then eyes are the most prominent part which adds allurement to your look. Applying eyeliner the eyes can look even wider and when the eyes are already big it adds gracefulness. Eyeliner even enhances the shape of an eye without the need of an eye-shadow and looks clean and fresh. Lining your waterline of eyes can sometime bring change in your looks. A waterline eye makeup brightens up tired eyes, adds darkness to smoky eyes and makes big eyes look smaller and smaller eyes look bigger. For your precious eyes get the best eyeliner for waterline that doesn’t smudge drugstores.

Best smudge proof eyeliner for waterline

In today’s market lots of eyeliners are available in different prices. Some are contained in stylist cases and looks appealing and some others are just simple. Some are colourful and even some others are simply black. But the best smudge proof eyeliner for waterline incorporates qualities such as: it must be easy to apply and must provide a smooth and glossy finish.

The eyeliner must create fine defined lines or thick feline flicks which highlight your eyes. It must consist of long lasting formula which should provide colour-intense smudge-proof finish. Even after you rub eyes for any irritation then the eyeliner will not smudge. Along with this it must also be a water proof to prevent from getting washed away. It should consist of the carbon black ingredient which helps in creating a single stroke colour while applying and does not have to put it over and over again.

You must be careful to choose the best smudge proof eyeliner for waterline otherwise it may be harmful for your eyes and may also destroy your make-up.

Classifications of the eyeliner

There are numerous kinds of eyeliner available in the market. Cited below are some of the different types of eyeliner which are smudged proof for waterline.

  • Liquid eyeliner.

  • Ink pen eyeliner.

  • Pencil eyeliner.

  • Gel eyeliner.

  • Push up eyeliner.

Pencil eyeliners are used from very early days. It is considered as a traditional form of eyeliner. This type of eyeliner comes in a twist up style or in a pencil form. These are regarded as ideal for lining the lash line and waterline. On the other hand liquid eyeliners are among the most popular ones. These are mostly used to line in the upper lid which is near the lash line. It is also used to flick in the outer corner of the eye. The other widely used classification of eyeliner is gel eyeliners. These are the darkest type of eyeliners which are best for the smudge proof.

How to apply the waterline eyeliner?

We recommended below the best beauty tips of the usage of eyeliner.

  • Expose your waterline- Use your finger tips to raise up the upper lid. This will lead the waterline exposed which is just beneath the upper lash line.

  • Dry up the moisture- Use cotton to dry or soak the extra moisture in the waterline which may create difficulties while applying eyeliner.

  • Apply eyeliner- Simply put the eyeliner in the dried area of lash line with one stroke. Look straight into the mirror and put the head slightly in the downward direction while applying it. Also lift up your eyebrows in the process.

  • Repeat the same steps for the lower lid.


You should go for applying eyeliner for every occasion or just a simple outing. The smudge free eyeliner will remove all your awkwardness if you are in a crowd.

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