Best Simple AdvoCare Recipes

Are you familiar with the 24-days challenge by AdvoCare? No way! This diet plan has become rather popular in recent times. However, its popularity mostly deals with disputes regarding its potency. Still, we are here not to judge but help people who pushed themselves to such three-week challenge. Those who are unaware of it please look at some short introduction.

The Challenge Intro

The diet plan based on AdvoCare supplements consists of two phases. The first one is called Cleansing and lasts 10 days. During this period, a user takes certain dietary supplements to prepare the body for the next two weeks of Max Phase. Read advocare shake review.

Similar to most diet plans, the AdvoCare challenge foresees a considerable refuse of most harmful ingredients (sugar, starch etc.) and victuals (alcohol, soda drinks, processed food etc.). Obviously, the nutrition is not limited to consuming dietary supplements only and includes wholesome food. As a rule, users face a certain trouble with making a suitable menu for dieting. It is important to not only meet the requirement of allowed foods but also ensure a wholesome and tasty meal. So, let’s see what one can cook being on the challenge.


For Cleansing Phase

Grilled Italian Turkey Burgers

What You Need:

–    Lean ground turkey (1/2 lbs)

–    Whole wheat breadcrumbs (1/4 cup)

–    Parmesan cheese (2 tbsp)

–    Basil (one and a half tsp)

–    Oregano (1 tsp)

–    Parsley (half tsp)

–    Garlic powder (2 tsp)

Mix all ingredients. Form three meatballs and press into patties. Grill over medium heat for around 15 minutes. Serve with a sprinkle of mozzarella, spring greens, and a smear of sundried tomato basil spread.

Skinny Mini Italian Meatloaves

What You Need:

–    Lean ground turkey (10 ounces)

–    One egg

–    Whole wheat bread crumbs (half a cup)

–    Low-fat milk (2 tbsp)

–    Parmesan cheese (2 tbsp)

–    Dried onion flakes (one and a half tsp)

–    Worcestershire sauce (one and a half tsp)

–    Garlic (quarter tsp)

–    Basil (quarter tsp)

–    Oregano (quarter tsp)

–    Ketchup (4-6 tsp)

Mix all ingredients (except ketchup).  Scoop 1/3 cup of mixture and form into a small ball.  Place in a lightly greased muffin tin.  Top with approximately 1 tsp of ketchup, a sprinkle of parmesan, and a sprinkle of basil. Bake at 350℉ (180℃) for 40-50 minutes.

For Max Phase

Marinated Chicken Breast

What You Need:

–    Water (one and a half cup)

–    Vinegar (one and a half cup)

–    Salt (2 tbsp)

–    Pepper (1 tbsp)

–    Melted butter (quarter cup)

–    Garlic (1 bulb)

–    Worcestershire sauce (one and a half tbsp)

–    Dried onion flakes (2 tbsp)

–    Four chicken breasts

Mix all ingredients and simmer over low heat. Place chicken in marinade and refrigerate at least 3 hours (the longer the better). Grill over medium heat, brushing occasionally with leftover marinade. As soon as the breast reaches 165℉ (75℃), you may remove from grill and serve.

The described recipes are rather simple and do not require any supernatural ingredients. You can easily cook these dishes at home and enjoy healthy and delicious food without any violation of the AdvoCare diet plan.

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