Best Places To Live in Dubai – Jumeirah Golf Estate

jumeriah golf estate

Choosing the best area to live in Dubai is immensely more comfortable to do once you have the fund to get an apartment that suits you. Some buildings are expensive, and some are quite cheap and affordable.

There are lots of factors that help in choosing the right place to live such as the location, the landmark, the style of the building, your kids, place of work, transportation and most importantly your budget.

On the off chance that you’ve decided to have an apartment in the city and you are torn in between where to choose, here are some of the best places you can live in Dubai mentioned by – Luxury Real Estate Company in Dubai.

Motor City

The motor city is among the best in Dubai, and it is a place surrounded by lush greenery with lots of ample space. It is without doubt among the most desirable and adorned community in the city, but it is somewhat far away from the center of the town.

It is a place that is ideal for those who loves to live a peaceful life without disturbance and noise. The community is close to the Emirates mall and also close to Spinney’s

The area is filled with well-equipped and en-suite properties with lots of parking space available for your cars and considering how safe it is, be assured you are your household members are secured. It has incredible amenities which most other communities are envious of such as the swimming pool and numerous gym centers in the city.

There are other amenities such as schools, health centers, and entertainment centers to have fun and excitement.  It is a community that is perfect for families, those who love outdoor lifestyle, and it is a place that allows pets, so you have no issues if you have one.  On the final note, it is a place for those who live the private lifestyle.

Jumeirah golf estate

The community is located on one of the best artificial palm fronds. It is well constructed by reputable developers, and the estate is on the sea. It is a serene environment where residents get to enjoy the natural fresh air from the sea.

Although the community has lots of expensive apartments, yet there are some that are cheap for citizens and expats to get.

The area offers excellent amenities, garden, restaurant, café, gym and others to make appealing for residents and expats. To get a property in this area is much more comfortable and you can as well deal with some of the reputable agents in the city.

The area is a residential area, and with lots of development going on in the estate, it is a place to get an apartment. Part of the reasons why you should choose the community is that in 2017, it was awarded the best estate with fantastic development.

Arabian Ranches

This is another beautiful place you can be with your family. One of the things you will lobe about the community is the architectural design. The city is located in a serene environment in which it is surrounded by green spaces, and it offers a lot of goodies to residents.

The community is blessed with an abundance of amenities and facilities. It offers both residents and expats comfortable lifestyle. You have all that is needed from a residential area from security to peaceful atmosphere.

Emirates Hills

It is one of the famous areas in the city, and it is in proximity to the center of the town. The community is one of the best places to be for couples and families. It is a gated community that ensures you are safe with your household.

The community hosts lots of amenities such as barbecue deck, cafes, restaurant, gym centers and many others. The community features many exclusive villas and cheap apartments for those in need of accommodation. It also has some commercial properties such as shopping mall, hotels and it hosts some of the best golf courses in the city which makes it the best community for golf lovers.

In conclusion, these are the areas in Dubai where you can choose to live if you are in need of accommodation. Each has their history and value, and we’ve done our best to bring to your table the best information as regarding where you can live without having an issue.

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