Best Natural Anti-Aging Techniques

anti aging

As science and technology advances, the human life expectancy has likewise advanced.  We are now leading longer and healthier lives.

However, our later years aren’t as visually attractive as our younger ones.  This has led to a booming industry, dedicated to longevity and anti-aging efforts.

The market has been flooded with creams, balms, and pills that promise to fight fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging.  While the jury is still out on the effectiveness of these products, there are some tried and true techniques that will help fight the appearance and symptoms of aging.

Stop Smoking

Unfortunately, the best anti-aging strategy is also the hardest.  If you’ve been smoking for years, it will be hard to kick this habit.  But take a look at the appearance of your fellow smokers.  It is plain to see smoking has had a serious effect on their skin.

When cigarette smoke comes in contact with your skin, it:

  • Causes biochemical changes to the cells.
  • Damages collagen and elastin (the tools necessary for providing pliability and elasticity to skin).
  • Accelerates the sagging and wrinkling of skin.
  • Constricts blood vessels, making it more difficult to get necessary oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells.

Additionally, the pursed lips and squinted eyes of smokers can damage the skin too.  This popular smoker facial expression causes wrinkles and sagging skin.

Eat Foods that Enhance Skin Health

We all know the expression, you are what you eat.  Nowhere is this more evident that our skin’s appearance.

Let the foods you eat fight the battle for you.  Foods that are high in antioxidants – colorful vegetables, trout and salmon, for example – will wage war against cellular destruction by free radicals.  The more antioxidants you consume, the less damage from free radicals.  Look for foods that are high in vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotene.

Be Mindful of the Sun

Ultraviolet radiation is necessary for our overall health.  It helps stimulate the body’s production of vitamin A, which in turn helps make an important neurotransmitter.  If this crucial conversion process doesn’t take place, we stoop into a state of depression.

However, too much of a good thing can be bad.  Ultraviolet radiation also accelerates the appearance of wrinkles.  Not only do these harmful rays destroy collagen and elastin, they also prevent the body from making new collagen.

Try Resistance Weight Training

Stooped posture and trembling limbs are some of the most obvious indicators of aging.  These symptoms are caused by a loss of muscle mass.  This can also lead to sagging skin and wrinkles.

There is a simple way to decrease and reverse these signs – lift weights.  By incorporating simple weight lifting activities into your daily exercise routine, you can regain your muscle mass and improve your overall health.

Change Your Pillow

Dermatologists report that prolonged pressure on our facial skin can damage both the surface tissues and underlying muscles.  When does this prolonged pressure happen?  When we sleep on an ordinary pillow for eight or more hours a night, it can lead to pre-mature wrinkles.

Replace your regular pillow with an anti-aging pillow.  There are pillows help stabilize your head and protect your skin from potential harm.

No matter how many years we’ve been on the planet, we all have the same wish – to look our best.  The desire to enhance our appearance and fight the signs of aging is normal.  Instead of forking out tons of money on questionable beauty products, try these simple anti-aging techniques.

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