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If you’re looking for the best hair dryer, understanding the differences among various alternatives is not the only thing you need to do; it’s equally important to find out everything you can about the latest features and technologies. You’ll be surprised to discover that the latest technologies allow you to get professional dryers, which can make a huge difference in your daily styling routine.

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If you’re not sure why ionic and tourmaline technologies are essential and when the cool shot button should be used, reading this buying guide is imperative. Additionally, this guide presents several significant aspects that you should ponder carefully before opting for a specific dryer.

Know the Market

Today, you can find three main categories of hair dryers: ceramic, ionic, and tourmaline. As you expect, these categories are divided into numerous sub-categories, which deliver devices appropriate for each type of hair.

To understand the role of ceramic, ionic, and tourmaline technologies, you should know that a ceramic hair dryer comes along with ceramic heaters, disks, or plates, which distribute heat evenly and help you get silky and shiny hair; a ionic blow dryer makes possible deep hair hydration; and a tourmaline dryer generates infrared energy, which can turn lifeless, damaged hair into healthy-looking hair.

Besides these, you can find multiple dryers that come along with a broad range of accessories and features, such as heat and speed settings, high air flow functions, cool shot buttons, diffusers, concentrators, and many others.

What to Look For When Buying The Best Hair Dryer

Most dryer reviews available over the web advise you to get the right one for your type of hair. Unfortunately, these reviews don’t explain the features you should be looking for when purchasing a blow dryer. To help you, this guide discloses the details you need to evaluate before getting such a device.

Heat Settings:

These settings are very important because they allow you to create different hairstyles. To set your style in place and add shine, you should buy one of the dryers that come along with cool shot buttons.


It’s advisable to purchase a dual voltage blow dryer if you intend to take it along with you when you travel internationally. The dual voltage option enables conversion between 110/120V and 220/240V.


Before opting for a specific wattage value, you need to know your hair type. The best blow dryers for damaged, thin, or fine hair are those that deliver 1200W-1500W. If you have medium straight or wavy hair, you should get 1300W-1800W. And for thick and curly hair, the most appropriate devices are those ranging from 1600W to 2000W.


You can find concentrators and diffusers to attach to dryers. While the first accessories allow you to get more precise styling, the second ones enhance the natural texture of your hair.

Drying Time:

Hot and warm temperatures dry hair quickly. But, if the temperature is set too high, you risk damage from over drying your hair. Therefore, it’s always a great idea to check expert recommendations for your hair type before buying and using a hair dryer.

Noise Level:

Today, the noise level of some blow dryers is under 60 decibels. A few years ago, the noise level of most models was above 80 decibels.

Additional Suggestions

Before getting any of the available dryers, you should also consider weight, removable air filter, swivel cord, nozzle, and dryer brush. If you travel a lot, your priority should be a portable hair dryer, which not only is lightweight, but also makes storage easy thanks to its fold-able handle.


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