Best Foods for Healthy Skin

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Every dermatologist will tell you that your diet is extremely important in maintaining healthy skin. The following are the best foods to include in your diet for healthy skin:


Many types of fish are great sources of healthy fats that are good for your skin. Examples of such fish include salmon, mackerel, and herring.

The ingredients in fish that help keep your skin supple and moist are omega 3 fatty acids. They also reduce inflammation which can lead to acne and swelling of the skin.

Fatty fish is a great source of vitamin E which is antioxidant and great for your skin. It helps defend your skin from free radicals and therefore inflammation.


Avocados are one of the foods known as a superfood for its vast array of health benefits. One of them is improving the health of your skin, hence their popular use as a face mask.

Avocados are chock full of healthy fats. These fats make your skin more elastic and supple.

Moreover, it is a great source of vitamin E. It will help protect your skin from damage.


While fish provide only omega 3 fatty acids, walnuts also contain omega 6 fatty acids. Therefore, they are extremely effective at giving you healthy skin.

The issue is that most people get too much omega 6 fatty acids from other sources. If you eat too much Omega 6, you increase the amount of inflammation in your body.

Walnuts provide a good balance of both if taken alone. They also contain zinc and several antioxidants which are integral in having healthy skin.


Tomatoes have many nutrients that help promote the development of healthy skin. They have many carotenoids like lycopene and vitamin C.

These nutrients are very important in protecting your skin against damage from harsh ultraviolet rays. Carotenoids like Beta carotene, lutein, and lycopene not only prevent UV damage but also prevent wrinkling.

You will have healthier skin if you combine it with healthy fats. They will increase the absorption rate of the carotenoids.


If ever there was a reason to eat more chocolate it is to increase the health of your skin. Dark chocolate in particular is very effective in achieving this goal.

It does so in a variety of ways. One way is by increasing the blood flow to your skin which ensures that you get all the necessary nutrients.

It will also make your skin less prone to sunburn which means that your skin will be smoother and less scaly. Studies have shown that people who eat dark chocolate can handle as much as twice the UV radiation that a normal person can.

Green Tea

Though not a food, green tea has excellent properties that make it one of the most effective things you can include in your diet. Green tea has polyphenols, which means that it is not only an antioxidant but also prevents inflammation.

Green tea is also great for remedying blemishes on the skin. It does so by flushing out toxins to keep your skin vibrant and supple.

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