Best Double Stroller – Features to Consider When Buying

Choosing the Perfect double stroller can be a difficult task as so many variations are available on the market today in terms of function, style, and price.  With so many types and features to choose from, most parents become totally confused when it comes to selecting the suitable double stroller. However, buying a double baby stroller is obviously a big investment, so selecting the right one is important.

Considerations of some important features will help you to choose the one that best suits your needs.
Check out the following must-have features to find the double stroller that fits best for your family.


Your family lifestyle is one of the prominent factors while deciding to buy a double stroller. If you’re an active person who runs or walk regularly with your babies, All-terrain stroller is best. Umbrella stroller is perfect if you like to take your babies along in daily errands. If you drive a lot, a car seat adaptable stroller is the perfect choice for you.


One of the most must-have features to consider when buying a duo stroller is its safety features. You should be aware of the safety functions of the stroller whether they meet your requirements. The stroller should feature a suitable belt that will keep your children secure and unable to fall out while they are on the moving.  Brakes, an important factor for jogging parents, help you to stop the stroller whenever you need. To prevent the stroller rolling away, it should feature a tether strap for your wrist. Five-point harness with waist, crotch and shoulder straps are also important safety issues that a double stroller must have.

The Frame of the Stroller

This is another important factor to consider when choosing a double stroller as two children accommodate in it. Choose the sturdiest stroller frame possible. Steel and aluminium frame- both types of frame are available. It should be wise to select the aluminium frame if you want a lightweight double stroller. Also check out the frame for any possible risk, such as uncovered springs.

Handling Issue

Remember that you’re the one who will push the stroller, so keep in mind the parent’s comfortability as well when choosing a double stroller. It’s good to consider that the stroller features a height adjustable handlebar so that it can be accommodated according to the height of the parents. It’s also an important back saver for parent pushing for a long time. Another important point to ponder over is how well does the stroller maneuver. Be sure that you feel comfortable to steer the stroller and feel confident in maneuvering it.


You should always emphasize this feature when deciding a double stroller to buy, particularly when you live in a high-rise building or traveling around a lot. A lightweight duo stroller is easy to push and maneuver.

The Collapsible Factor

You know that you don’t need to use the stroller all the time. Sometimes you need to fold and store it. So, it’s advisable to choose one that folds easily, preferably with one hand. Be sure that when you select the stroller in the shops, you’re confident in your ability to fold it without any difficulty.

Car Seat Compatibility

If you’re planning on having a second child, it’s a wise to select the model that is compatible with an additional seat. Investing in such kind of stroller could save you from a financial point of view. Choose the user-friendly double stroller so that you can easily attach and remove the car seat.

Storage For Commodities

It’s good to choose the double stroller that offers spacious storage. Leaving the house with two children means you have to pack all the essentials what your children need on the go. A good model duo stroller also features extra storage pockets to hold parents’ necessities.


Before buying a double stroller you should consider its size. Narrow double stroller provides you the easy entering into doorways. It’s also easy to maneuver in public places. Also, think about the folded stroller size. The folded stroller should be compact so that you can easily store it in the vehicle and transport.


The most crucial factor when planning to buy a dual stroller is its price. The market offers various types of double baby stroller price ranging from $100 to $1500. You should compare different models and select the one which offers the greatest value for the money.

The ASTM or the JPMA Certified

A good double stroller should meet the ASTM or the JPMA standards. Purchasing a dual stroller that meets one of this standard will give you some peace of mind.  ASTM or JPMA certified stroller ensures better safety and standard features.

Final Verdict

Are you still confused to select the best double stroller for your growing family?

Obviously, not.

We hope our information helped you in making the wise choice for your family.

Happy Strolling!

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