Best Diet For A Healthier Skin

Women all over the world spend a lot of money on skin care regimens and skin care products to achieve a finer and smoother look. But are the expensive creams and bottled serums really worth your buck? Many dermatologist will tell you that in order to achieve a healthy and radiant skin, you should also mind what you eat and drink.

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Our diet has a lot to do on how our skin actually looks. Giving yourself all these vitamins and supplements to achieve a healthier look is good, but having the right foundation also says a lot on how your skin will react to the products you use.

You can achieve a perfect complexion by eating these foods:

Citrus Fruits, Strawberries, Broccoli, Red Peppers

Toby Amidor, R.D. , the director of nutrition of in New York, says “A strong support layer underneath your skin will smoothen the top layer and prevent wrinkles.”  When you include a lot of Vitamin C in your diet, you allow your body to produce more collagen that serves as the strong support your skin needs.

Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts and Almonds

These nuts and seeds are packed with vitamin E – an antioxidant your body needs to fight free radicals. When antioxidants work collectively, it prevents the effects of skin damaging factors and agents such as pollution and UV rays. Vitamin acts on the top layer of your skin, operating as the frontline in protecting the cells underneath. This also helps retain hydration.

Wild Salmon, Atlantic Mackerel and Other Fish

This protein source is not just minimal on calories, it also prevents wrinkle formation. They are packed with omega 3 fatty acids that can help fight damage from sun exposure and daily stress. Inflammation causes formation of free radicals. Since omega-3 fights inflammation, it is a great contribution to helping aging skin look younger.

Leafy Greens and Colorful Vegetables

Eating these vegetables provides a fresh-looking complexion. The antioxidant you get from these foods is the Beta-carotene. It is a carotenoid that gives the produce its orange pigmentation. It regulates the production and turnover of cell production and it also promotes a smoother skin.

According to Dr.ValoriTreloar of The Clear Skin Diet, carotenoids protect the skin from sun damage as well. It also repairs it when the damage has been done. Lycopene from tomatoes and lutein from leafy greens are great sources that you can utilize for a younger look.

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Whole Grain Foods

Studies state that people suffering from acne should opt for a low-glycemic diet. This means eating more protein, grains, and avoiding when possible white bread and other refined carbohydrates. A low glycemic index keeps the insulin at bay, and eating more refined sugar spikes it on the contrary. When this happens, your body produces more androgen, a hormone when imbalanced, causes zits and breakouts.

“A 12-week low-glycemic diet will help reduce existing acne by 20%” says one study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. There are more studies being conducted about this, but no doctor will prevent you from replacing refined carbohydrates with whole grains.

Poultry, Lean Meat, Fortified Cereals, Oysters

According to Dr. David Bank, a dermatologist in Westchester New York, our bodies require iron to carry oxygen to the entire body, including to the top most layer of the skin. To get a healthy amount of red blood cell count, a diet with iron and zinc is needed. These minerals also help with skin repair and production, preventing cell sloughing – which helps keep the skin hydrated.


Drinking water will give you that dewy glow. Your body needs hydration to help cells work more efficiently. It also helps skin feel supple and bouncy. Make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and try to drink even more if you can.

What you put inside your body holds a greater chance in giving you the skin you need. Instead of spending a lot of money on beauty products and skin fixes, it’s better and healthier to spend the money on giving your body a better nutrition. This way, you do not only help your skin, but you help your entire body.

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