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Babies are so sensitive. Every mother has a dream to take best care of her baby and give her baby the most comforting facilities. Every new mother wants to know and apply the best and most easy ways of taking care of her baby. As it is obvious that a newborn is totally dependent on the mother a mother should consider every possible issue a baby is related to. Let’s discuss the most easiest and best tips to take care of your baby.

Being a new mother you will face many problems, as everything is a challenge for her. In daily routine you have to be specific for baby’s diet, hygiene, sleep and clothing.


First and most important issue is feeding a baby. You should feed your baby every hour for the first six months. You may extend the time of feeding as required. After six months you can add liquids and solids like mashed potatoes, mashed banana and other liquids like juices and soft fruits. I do not suggest readymade food for babies as they are not as healthy as the fresh fruits and home made food is. So try to add different ingredients and make new food daily for your baby. It will be more fun for him instead of having a same food daily.

Hygienic Conditions

Hygiene of the house especially the baby room is very important. It is necessary to change the clothes of baby bedding daily. The room should be free of germs. It is only possible if you clean up all the room daily.

Baby bathing is also very important. You should give bath to baby daily and if not possible give him bath at least twice in a month. Make sure that you have given massage with baby oil to the whole body of your baby before giving bath. It will be very healthy for your baby. Use wet tissues daily to clean his face, hands and neck and change his clothes daily. Use baby shampoo and soap for him as babies have very sensitive skin and it can be damaged due to use of hard shampoo and soap. Avoid using products of companies that are not reliable. Use international brands that are best known.

Sleeping Time

A mother should consider a sleeping time of her baby. An infant should sleep 18 hours daily. As he grows sleeping time reduces gradually. Change your baby’s diaper frequently as a baby will not be able to sleep well if the diaper is not changed on time. Babies sleep well if there is vibration so you can try cradle. It will boost up his sleep. Make sure he is sleeping on his back. This is because it reduces risk of sudden infant death syndrome. While a baby is sleeping place pillow on both sides, it will give him a secure feel.

Room temperature is another hurdle in his sleep. The temperature should be normal keeping in view the sensitivity of a baby.


Clothing is also one of the important daily issues. You should use comfortable and bit loose clothes for your baby. Always buy soft and pure material for his clothing as mixed or hard stuff can affect his skin badly. Pure cotton fabrics are the best option for summer and in winter you can buy pure wool stuff that is soothing and secure too.

Follow these simple tips or you can consult specialist for more awareness. It is very important to stay with your baby as much as you can. Spend most of your time with your baby; this bonding will provoke more interest in taking great care of your baby.

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