Benefits of Intraocular Lens Procedure and Other FAQs

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Contact lens alternatives for correcting vision, such as implantable contact lens ICL, can be put in place so they will stay firmly on the eye permanently. External contact lenses, on the other hand, are placed on the eye’s surface while implantable lenses are placed inside the eye through a surgical procedure.

The intraocular lens is placed between the iris and the natural lens of the eye. But if you found that this intervention does not enhance your vision, it can be removed at any time. ICL’s are made of a biocompatible material that is a combination of collagen and polymer. It is also safe and doesn’t cause side effects.

What does this procedure involve?

Similar to an operation for cataracts, the surgery of refractive lens exchange is performed in a hygienic environment. Local anesthetic needs to be applied, and an anesthetist will be present to supply sedation via intravenous medication.

Do I need to wear glasses or contacts after surgery?

In most cases, patients gain an enhanced vision to the point that they won’t need spectacles or contacts. However, there are instances where some patients may find some difficulty with computer work and rather than hunching near the monitor, they opt to wear lightweight magnifying glasses.

Laser eye surgery may be conducted post-operation to correct any refractive error in the vision further. This procedure can be done six weeks after operation so the eye can heal completely.

Benefits of intraocular lens procedure

Undergoing this intraocular lens surgery is safe, effective, and quick and can be a permanent solution to vision problems. It only takes around 15 minutes and will involve implanting a lens in the area around the iris and doesn’t damage corneal tissue. Since this procedure is easy, the healing period is rather quick. Many patients can return to their normal activities after a day! Other advances to this procedure include the following:

  • ICL is one of the best vision intervention options out there. The quality of vision after this operation is enhanced, and the corneal shape of the eye is maintained.
  • During the implantation of the lens, the corneal nerves are not damaged in any way. Thus, this surgery does not result in dry eyes.
  • These lenses are made from Collamer material which is a form of collagen. Since it is a natural substance, the chances of the body rejecting it are very slim since the body will not detect the lens as a foreign object. Because of this, the chances of infection and rejection are extremely low.
  • It is user-friendly since it requires minimal maintenance such as disinfecting or cleaning. It doesn’t need to be removed on a regular basis and stays within the eye for the long-term.
  • Surgery is reversible, and it can be taken out if the vision changes dramatically.
  • It only takes a few minutes to perform this procedure and is generally non-invasive.
  • It is a feasible option for people who have conditions such as large pupils or irregular corneas, and are not qualified for Lasik surgery.
  • The lens stays firmly in place even if you do not maintain it, which makes it an extremely convenient option.
  • The lens does not interfere with eye functions.
  • You can opt to wear contact lenses and glasses if you want.


Having to suffer less than optimum vision can severely impact your life. Solutions such as wearing glasses and contact lenses are less than ideal and require a lot of care and maintenance. Undergoing a surgical lens procedure is a permanent answer to your vision problems and the small investment in time and money produces outstanding results that are life-changing.

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