Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes


Cigarette smoking has been considered as one of the most crucial threats to the human body. Cigarette smoking leads to a large number of dangerous diseases, which ultimately can even cause cancer. Often it is seen that some people truly want to quit smoking but they find it difficult to simply suppress the urge to smoke. Luckily, technology has evolved for good and there are alternatives to the traditional tobacco cigarette. A person who wants to quit smoking can switch to Electronic Cigarette, also commonly known as E- cigs.

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

An Electronic Cigarette is basically an electronic inhaler that vaporizes a liquid solution into an aerosol mist, simulating an effect similar to that of smoking a normal tobacco cigarette. However, an Electronic Cigarette physically resembles a conventional cigarette and may also contain the same amount of nicotine. These electronic cigarettes come with a battery and is also widely available in many different flavours.

Benefits of Electronic Cigarette

(a) One of the most basic and conventional regarding cigarette is its smoke and ash. Although an Electric Cigarette resembles a conventional cigarette in its look and feel but one advantage of using an electronic cigarette is that it emits no smoke and there is no residual ash as well. A person can simply puff on this Electronic Cigarette and it will generate an odourless vapour which tastes great but has no visible smoke and ash. It is often noticed that the smoke emitted from a cigarette bothers other people as much as it bothers the person who is smoking the cigarette. But in the case of an Electronic Cigarette, no such disturbance is there for the smoker as well as for other individuals.

(b) Another benefit of switching to Electronic Cigarette is that it has no smell. Conventional cigarettes emit a strong and pungent smell, which at times is disliked by the smokers as well but new and improved Electronic Cigarettes do not have this bothering stink. Except for the taste and feel, there is no such bothering element present in an Electronic Cigarette.

(c) Our society has always been paranoid regarding smoking. But when it comes to Electronic Cigarettes, it has been noticed that these are socially acceptable. The use of conventional cigarettes has been restricted in public places but there is no such restriction or rule when it comes to using Electronic Cigarette. Electronic Cigarettes emit no smoke and residual ash and as a result it causes no harmful effect on the people around the person who is actually smoking an Electronic Cigarette. These new Electronic Cigarettes come with a white LED i.e. Light Emitting Diode at its end. This clearly indicates that the person is smoking a comparatively safer cigarette i.e. Electronic Cigarette instead of the conventional and life threatening cigarettes.

(d) Studies show that smokers spend a lot of money on conventional cigarettes. Electronic Cigarettes are comparatively cheaper and hence a smoker can have the same effect and feel of smoking without spending much.


Electronic Cigarettes are safer, cheaper and improved. These definitely have the capability of replacing the conventional cigarettes in the long run.

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