Benefits of Chelated Minerals

Do you take a mineral supplement?

I hope you so, minerals are some of the most important nutrients that you can consume. In fact, minerals are vital for a healthy life. They are found in every cell of your body, which shows how important they are.

That being said, most people (especially in the United States) are deficient in key minerals such as magnesium and potassium. This is due to poor eating habits as well as the fact that the soil that our food is grown in is deficient in minerals (due to intensive farming techniques).

Combat this by taking a multi-mineral supplement.

When taking a multi-minerals supplement it is important to make sure you are taking a high quality product. Not all minerals are the same. Some supplements are made with cheap, low grade minerals.

Stay away from these.

Look for premium chelated minerals. You can read more about mineral chelates below.

What Are Chelated Minerals?

Chelated minerals are minerals that specially processed to be more readily absorbed. They are chemically bound to amino acids (known more simple as proteins). Doing this helps to increase the bio-absorption of the the mineral supplement.

Having an amino acid means that the mineral is “protected” as it navigates your digestive tract. The amino acids acts as a shield to protect the mineral from being broken down until it reaches your gut wall, where it can then be easily broken down and used.

This increases the bioavailability of the mineral.

When a nutrient is more bioavailable that means that your system can digest it more easily. Low-grade minerals are very difficult for your system to digest, which means you’ll get very little benefit from it. You have to take twice as much of a low grade mineral as you would a premium chelated mineral supplement.

Plus, you’d be making your gut work twice as hard.Pay the extra money and get a mineral supplement that you are actually going to be able to digest and utilize. Think of it as an investment in your daily health.

What To Look For When Buying Chelated Minerals

When buying mineral supplements, look for chelated minerals that come from a trustworthy source. Albion® Chelated Minerals is the best ingredient supplier, look for their logo on your supplement bottle (or on the supplement facts box, labeled as TRAACS®).

Albion® is a trusted minerals source and the best source for premium mineral supplements.

Consider buying your minerals from a supplement brand that uses Albion’s materials. You’ll notice the increased absorption and potency. There is a difference, I promise!

In Conclusion

Minerals are important. They are present in every cell of your body. Make sure to get enough in your body.

If you can’t get optimal amounts through diet, make sure to take a daily high quality multi-mineral supplement. And make sure that supplement contains chelated minerals.

Don’t’ throw your money away on a cheap, ineffective mineral product.

Take a premium chelated mineral supplement and start living a healthier, more vibrant life!

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