Benefits of Breast Reduction for Female Athletes

Simona Halep

Simona Halep, #1 WTA

The advancement in surgical technology has given rise to numerous procedures that can drastically change the body and how a person looks. For many, plastic surgery such as breast augmentation, liposuction and tummy tucks are opportunities to regain that youthful look and feel again. For others, however, these surgical procedures can be very beneficial and could mean make or break in their lives. One great example is female athletes who, like other athletes, want to always improve their performance.

How Does Breast Reduction Improve A Female Athlete’s Performance?

One of the main concerns of female athletes when playing is their breasts. This is particularly true if one is gifted with big ones. Though it is something that many women will want because it will make them sexy, the case is different for athletes who want to do everything they can to perform better in their chosen sports. Female athletes who have small breasts are far better than those with big ones. This is why female athletes want to reduce their big breasts.

Quicker Reaction

When the size of the breast is reduced, female athletes are able to react much quicker. For example, a volleyball player with small breasts can receive volleyball much faster than an athlete with big ones. This is because the weight of big breasts makes it a little difficult to move quickly.

One of the athletes who have undergone breast reduction is Simona Halep, who is a Romanian tennis star player and #1 WTA (World Tennis Association) at this moment. She had her breast reduced from 34DD to 34C. This enabled her to perform better, which is evident in her rankings. She is now Wimbledon’s number three seed. According to her, she wanted breast reduction so she can improve her speed and reaction time.

Faster Movement

The size of the breast also affects the movement significantly. With bigger breast, one cannot move that fast compared to athletes with smaller breasts. Again, it is because of the weight. The big size also impedes the athlete to move other body parts such as the arms because the size blocks the upper arms from moving in a much faster way. What’s great about this procedure is that there is no age limitation. This means that both young and old athletes can undergo the surgical procedure.

According to specialists from the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center, women of any age can undergo breast reduction and, as a consequence, improve their performance. They noted that one very evident benefit of the reduction is the ability to run faster. They also said that it is what has observed in their many cases of female athletes that underwent breast reduction. For many years, doctors has been performing successful plastic surgery procedures without major consequences.

All in all, a reduction in the size of the breast can truly make a female athlete more mobile and improve her other strengths. It also enables an athlete to work on her weaknesses and turn them into strengths. With smaller breasts, female athletes are more mobile, have quicker reaction time, and have faster speed.

Whether you are an athlete or not, choosing a cosmetic surgeon that will meet your personal needs is extremely important. Guy sterne is a trusted surgeon who practiced in the National Health Service for 15 years before focusing on this private consultancy. He practices a wide range of breast procedures and is renowned for his high standards and quality of practice.

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