Benefits of Administering CBD Sublingually

Cannabidiol or CBD is a substance extracted from the hemp plant and it comes packed full of nutrients and medicinal benefits for humans and animals. It is extracted from the different parts of the plant including the seeds, stalk, leaves, and flowers using various methods. These include the use of olive oil, solvent extraction, and CO2 extraction which is the more preferred method.

Cannabidiol, after extraction, is made into different products ranging from CBD oil to pills, capsules, sprays, vapes, smokes, cigarettes, chews such as gummies, etc. Whatever product you buy determines how your body will take in cannabidiol. It will also determine how effective it will be.

One of the best ways to absorb it into the body is sublingually through the use of CBD oil with tinctures. For other ways that cannabidiol can be absorbed into the body, you can read this article here:

How Effective is the Sublingual Use of CBD Oil?

CBD oil can be used in several ways including directly dropping it in the mouth and putting a few drops in your food or drinks such as tea, etc. A much better way to use it is by putting a few drops underneath the tongue. This is different from dropping it on your tongue or directly in your mouth. How is it different you may ask?

How the Body Processes Food

Normally, when you eat, drink, or take a medication, it goes through your digestive system and liver. The digestive system works on whatever you take in, breaks it down and then this is absorbed by the small intestine and metabolized by the liver before whatever nutrients it contains is made available to your body. This is all well and good but with this process, some of the potency of cannabidiol has been lost through the action of the liver and the digestive system. This reduces its bioavailability. It also takes a longer time for you to begin to experience the wonderful benefits of CBD.

To bypass this process, you will need to put your CBD oil directly under your tongue. Underneath the tongue is located a pair of sublingual glands that are rich in vessels that transport CBD straight into the bloodstream instead of first going into your digestive system and having the liver work on it. With this, you get the full potency of the drug and in a couple of minutes you will begin to feel its effects.

Although you will eventually swallow the CBD oil, the trick is to hold it under your tongue for a couple of minutes so that it seeps into the sublingual glands. Doing it this way allows for increased bioavailability, meaning that you get more from the dose than you would have if you used it in another way.

A hidden and not very obvious advantage to this is that you save money by buying less cannabidiol since you are getting optimal value from each dose. You can read more about all these on many other medical publications on the subject of bioavailability.

How Much of CBD Should You Use

Interestingly, there is no straight forward answer to this question. It is dependent on several factors including your weight and body chemistry; meaning your tolerance level. Another factor is the medical condition you are trying to treat and of course the kind of product you buy.

So does this mean that you can consume a whole bottle of CBD oil all at once? No.

Just like any supplement, you can start with little doses of cannabidiol and increase this over time to get the dosage that works for you. Thankfully, cannabidiol does not intoxicate neither can you overdose on it but everyone has an optimal dosage range that works for them. Anything below or above this is not as effective.

Another thing that may affect dosage is the potency of the product. Different cannabidiol products have different levels of potency. Even the same products like oils from different brands have different potency levels. Whichever product you use, keep adjusting till you get the desired effect and stick to this dose. If you are taking it for severe health issues, then you will need to take a higher CBD dosage so it is more effective.


Using cannabidiol sublingually is probably the best method of use. Not only do you enjoy the full benefits, but it is also fast-acting. An advantage that taking cannabidiol sublingually has over inhalation, which is the closest method to it when it comes to bioavailability and speed of acting, is that it lasts longer in your body, making you enjoy the benefits for much longer.

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