Benefits of A Waterproof Medical Wrap

A medical wrap refers to an elastic bandage that has a variety of uses, which include reducing or preventing edema, sealing casts, providing wound protection, and securing a Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter or PICC Lines. When it comes to medical wraps, it’s better to choose one with waterproof material, that you can use even when hand washing and other activities that will get your skin wet.

Below are the benefits of using a waterproof medical wrap.

Avoids Infection

Cuts, bruises, wounds, and other skin alterations can increase your risk of infection. Any open wound or skin penetration caused by injury or surgery would eventually warrant the use of medical wrap or bandages. While there are many types of materials used in manufacturing medical wraps today, waterproof wraps are still preferred because of their great ability to resist infection.

For instance, people who have Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters or PICC Lines know how it could restrict activities of daily living and increase the risk of infection. That’s why waterproof PICC line covers are important, so bacterial buildup and moisture won’t develop to avoid infection.

Provides Wound Protection

Waterproof medical wraps protect wounds from dirt, bacteria, body fluids, and spills. A waterproof medical wrap seals the area, and large sizes can be wrapped around the arm or leg, providing extra coverage to protect your wound. Whether you have cuts, surgical incisions, or minor abrasions, waterproof medical wraps, like SealSkin Medical Wrap, are highly beneficial to avoid aggravating the condition of your wound with their great protective quality.

Conformable and Easy to Use

Sealing bandages and waterproof plasters don’t stretch while waterproof medical wraps are stretchable, which conforms and flexes easily to various body contours. Medical wraps prevent too much stress and pressure on the skin, especially with movement.

Medical wraps conform to different body areas which are difficult to dress, such as pressure ulcers, jugular insertion sites, sacral wounds, IV sites, and PICC surgical wounds. Also, medical wraps are comfortable to wear because they don’t feel tight or restrictive even when wrapped around extremities and bony prominences.

Promotes Faster Wound Healing

For faster wound healing, you need a medical wrap that promotes the right conditions for blood components to remain on the surface of the wound. Platelets and white blood cells, as well as oxygenated blood, should stay on the injured tissue to heal quickly. It’s because these blood components carry hemoglobin, hematocrit, clotting factors, and nutrients that the injured tissue needs to repair itself.

Waterproof medical wraps come in various sizes, and large ones are used to cover large wounds, like those from car crash injuries. Being involved in a car accident can be devastating, and physical injuries may take weeks or even months to heal. That’s why performing usual routines, like taking a bath or pursuing water sports activities, can be significantly affected. Using waterproof medical wraps provide wound protection against water, dirt, moisture, and bacteria to promote faster wound healing.

Keeps Wounds Visible for Better Wound Care

With the use of a high-quality waterproof medical wrap, wounds remain undisturbed because of fewer changes in wound dressing. Trauma due to repetitive wound dressing removal is less likely, which enhances a patient’s quality of life and healing experience. Transparent wound wraps keep your wound visible so nurses and caregivers can see the wound without dressing removal, eliminating unnecessary wound dressing replacement.

The features of a reliable medical wrap make wound care a lot easier. Choosing the appropriate wound dressing will heal the wound faster so you can go back to your normal daily activities sooner. Of course, make sure to consult your doctor or a healthcare provider to know the best type of wound dressing for your wounds.

Saves Money

By choosing a transparent and waterproof medical wrap, you’ll save on the costs of medical supplies as well as wound care time. It will significantly lower expenses on buying gauze, gloves, prep pads, and dressing materials. Non-transparent wound tapes, cloth dressing, hydro seal bandages, and occlusive wraps tend to consume a lot of these supplies.

You won’t only save money but also save time and effort on wound dressing. Nursing or caregiver services relying on a per hour basis would mean higher expenses when using non-transparent wound dressings. However, with clearly visible transparent and waterproof medical wraps, you’ll save money on these services.


Waterproof medical wraps are highly beneficial for faster wound healing because they provide superior protection against spills, moisture, dirt, and bacteria. Wounds appear visible with medical wraps so wound care is easier, and it eliminates unnecessary dressing changes. Indeed, using waterproof medical wraps have a lot of benefits over its counterparts.

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