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Access to a medical facility may be difficult, especially in remote areas. Covid-19 has further exposed how useful it is to be able to offer medical services remotely. Heart Vascular and Leg Center uses telehealth in Bakersfield to help you access health care from the comfort of your home.

What is telehealth?                                                       

Telehealth is the provision of health services by use of communication technologies such as mobile devices and computers. A patient, for instance, may benefit from this service in various ways and may:

  •         Estimate the amount of insulin needed for injection
  •         Order medications online
  •         Upload blood sugar levels on a mobile app for review by a nurse practitioner

Goals of e-health

  •         Improve communication and coordination between care provider and a patient
  •         Facilitate self-management of health care
  •         Make health care accessible to people living in rural areas and isolated communities
  •         Provide ready available services to people with limited mobility and transport options
  •         Offer access to medical specialists

Examples of telehealth services

The versatility of telehealth has made it possible for you to receive different health services such as:

  •         Diagnosis of the leg, vascular, and heart problems
  •         Review of your diagnostic results
  •         Development of a personalized treatment plan
  •         Consultation
  •         Monitoring your treatment progress

Advantages of telemedicine

  •         Telehealth saves you time since you can comply with your specialist’s follow-up instructions without taking time off work.
  •         Promotes better health because you can access your doctor at any time
  •         Provides easy access to a medical care provider regardless of your location

Types of telehealth

Live-video conferencing

This type of telehealth can be used for virtual appointments where your doctor offers ongoing care via online video conferencing. You may also log into a website where your specialist may prescribe medications and recommend home care practices for you. Although this service is convenient, there are several downsides to it, including:

  •         You may receive treatment from different doctors other than your regular specialist.
  •         Diagnosis results may be inaccurate since it is impossible to use examination methods such as imaging tests via computer or phone.
  •         This service is not practical for people with complex medical histories.
  •         It is hard to discuss with your doctor about treatment options.

Remote patient monitoring

People who live in remotes areas benefit from this type of telehealth. It involves collecting data on a patients’ health and sending the information to a healthcare facility for monitoring and review. Benefits of remote patient monitoring include:

  •         Convenient access to healthcare
  •         Better quality of care

Mobile health

This involves the use of devices such as smartphones and tablets to access healthcare. Apps may be used to monitor your health condition and promote a healthy lifestyle. These apps may monitor your water intake, blood sugar level, and how often you engage in physical activity.

Asynchronous video

This is also known as store-and-forward telehealth. This platform makes it possible for you and your doctor to interact through a private portal. You may upload your diagnostic information, including images and lab test results. On the other end, your doctor may log in to the portal and recommend a treatment option based on your information. However, this type of telehealth may not be suitable for a complex case.

For any inquiries on how you can benefit from telehealth, reserve a session with your specialist at Heart Vascular and Leg Center.

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