Believe or not: This is how exercise affects your fertility

We all believe that working out or exercising can help us have a healthier life. We exercise to have bigger and bolder muscles or to lose weight, but we tend to forget that there are also other things that can be affected once we start exploring different workout routines. One thing we have not yet seen is the effect of exercise on your fertility (men and women). This article will then try to explain how exercise affects your fertility.

How Exercise Affects Your Fertility?

The first thing we need to know is that: how do you exercise? There are a lot of different techniques that people do to say that they are exercising and so it is important for at least you know what type of exercises are you doing. From there, we can check whether your set of exercises affect your fertility or not. The following are the topmost answers to how exercise affects your fertility:

  1. Workout intensity. Are you doing high-intensity workouts? You should not.

If you are working on a better menstrual cycle, or trying to be pregnant, or working towards a more balanced hormone content, then this could change your perception towards exercise intensity. If you are targeting any of the above, make sure to avoid doing high-intensity workout routines. This includes those type of exercises that makes you catch your breath or those that can cause you fatigue. It is suggested by experts to stay doing more moderate or low-intensity workouts to avoid evident fluctuations in hormones, causing hormonal imbalance for both sexes, and altered menstrual system for women.

  1. Excessive fat loss decreases fertility 

We always want to lose some fats through doing exercises, but if you do care about your fertility, you should start assuring that you still have enough fats left inside your body. Estradiol, one of the most important hormones for both men and women, are dependent on some fats in the body–which makes it more important for a person to at least have enough body fats. If you are still exploring which exercises will fit you, check on those that will not eliminate a hundred percent of your fats, and those that can help you have increased estradiol.

  1. Your body weight affects your fertility

If not fat loss and not muscle gains, then we are engaging our bodies with several exercise routines aiming weight loss. If we keep on doing high-intensity workouts, then we are losing so much weight. If we lose so much weight, then our fertility also decreases. If you are trying to get pregnant or having a more balanced hormone content in the body, then losing so much weight may affect your pregnancy in which both your baby and your body will be at harm.

Pro Tips On How To Avoid Decreasing Fertility:

  1. Get a gym buddy, set a gym date!

In order for you to be more committed to doing exercises towards a healthier life, getting a gym buddy is such a great idea. Just make sure that your chosen gym date also has fitness goals like you, to keep you, and they step nearer to your healthy body goals!

  1. Try the following exercises

Just because the paragraphs above showed how exercise affects your fertility, then you should stop working on high-intensity workouts and switch to low and moderate exercise routines now. Some of the exercises that you may explore are yoga, brisk walking, Zumba, and aerobics. These are creative and fun ways to do exercising without getting too much exhaustion!

  1. Monitor your gains and losses

We always recommend people who are doing exercises to keep a diary of their conditions to track their accomplishments and to know where they should focus more. Same with this, you can keep track of your gains and loses by jotting it down in your calendar or on a fitness notebook. Through that, you can see whether or not you are letting your routines affect your fertility.



We need to consider these things if we have plans related to our fertility–having a baby or building a family in general because paragraphs above proved how exercise affects your fertility. If we want to increase our status of being healthy, then watch out for all these above-mentioned things in order to keep our fertility normal. That is the essence of doing exercises—healthier body and healthier, happier life.

Sharing this article with your friends and colleagues can help them have a better life! Comment if you have suggestions or experiences related to how exercise affects fertility, or how we can improve our tips!

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