Beat Winter Blues with Indoor Exercises


Winter can drag on and keep you cooped up inside.  A lot of Americans combat winter by going into hibernation mode.  This involves mounds of comfort food and relaxing on the couch.  Those who don’t go dormant get cabin fever and begin to feel like caged animals.

It’s possible to beat the winter blues, cabin fever and couch hibernation by engaging in some exciting winter activities.  You will not only feel better and have more energy, but you will be buff and in shape – just in time for swimsuit season.

Here are some suggestions for great indoor exercises you can enjoy this winter.


Take the plunge at your local YMCA or fitness club.  These pools are often Olympic size and host a huge variety of activities you can participate in.  You can ply the swim lanes, hit the diving boards, participate in water aerobics, or play some water sports like underwater hockey or water polo.

Swimming is a low impact activity which means your joints won’t take the brunt of your exertions.  People of all ages, shapes and sizes are involved – so leave your inhibitions at home and get in the water.

Rock Climbing

Want an adrenaline rush this winter?  Find an indoor rock wall and test your strength and ability.  Rock climbing allows you to work on balance, coordination, strength, and careful logic while you try to get to the top.  This is a great workout, not only for your body, but for your mind as well.  Step out of your comfort zone and brave the heights of an indoor rock wall.

Racquetball and Squash

Racquetball and squash are the type of games that allow you to forget you are getting an amazing workout.  Racquetball and squash are fast games that utilize strength and coordination.  You’ll be able to play with a friend, or you could also join a league and meet new people.  Exercising with another person is an easy way to distract yourself from fatigue.

Check out your local YMCA or fitness centre for squash and racquetball courts.  You will also be able to find information on leagues or lessons at these places as well.  Make racquetball and squash part of your weekly schedule.  The winter will fly by!

Home Workouts

If the weather is too frightful outside, you can still get moving and get a great workout right in the comfort of your own home.

If you live in a part of the country where the weather regularly prohibits you from leaving the house, you could set up a simple home gym. Invest in some dumbbells and a medicine ball.

If the bad weather strikes before you were able to stock up, use what you have round the house. Fill empty milk jugs with water and use them as crude weights. And you’ll be amazed at the workout you can get from a simple jump rope.  Your stairs can serve as another way to change your indoor cardio.

Enjoy Winter

These are just a small sampling of winter activities you can get involved in.  There are so many more leagues, sports and activities you can try. From hockey to boxing to indoor trampoline parks, there is no excuse for you to park it on the couch or complain about having cabin fever.

How do you keep fit over the course of the winter months?  Do you have any suggestions we left off the list?

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