Be Ready For Family Discussions

The average family is scared to death of certain conversations. Not only are the children blush-till-I’m-beet-red-embarrassed about certain topics, but the parents aren’t any less embarrassed about it.

As children age from innocence to teenage years the importance of these topics sky-rockets.

The availability of time goes down and the average must-have conversations are not mentioned until they are four or five years past due. Eventually a lack of conversation will take it’s worst toll on the level of trust and honest communication that take’s place within the family unit.

Be Ready For Family Discussions

Standing up for the one you love can be as simple as having a heart-to-heart chit chat. Unfortunately a lot of parents allow this simple topic to become the wedge that separates the understanding they have with their own child. Don’t risk it. Your families strength is more important than a short period of partial embarrassment. Besides, if the strength of the relationship is already there then level of this “embarrassment” should be very low to begin with.

Communication is the most important step in a strong relationship.

Trust is the runner-up. If your teen has a true trusting relationship with you then this will not be an issue. It is imperative to let your teen know that you can handle anything they can give. You must instill the necessity and importance of coming to you for anything and being there for them whenever they have a life changing conversation on their mind.

Most parents feel that they just can’t relate to their teen. If most parents would continue the same strong communication and honesty with them as they did when the child was still young then most of the troubles would be answered through talking and discussion.

If you are approaching your teen for the first time on a specific subject be sure to use an upbeat tone, maintain eye contact, smile sincerely as much as possible to show confidence in their abilities, use open gestures, and give out the hugs. If you have a sensitive teen don’t be afraid to console them. Though you may need to get quick permission first, hugs and goodnight kisses are still important. Mother’s hold your son’s hand when he is opening up to you. Father’s give your Daughter’s hugs to show comfort. Do not be afraid of your teen and they will open up to communication with you.

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