Be Honest at Home

When it comes to your family, your wife (or husband), and your children you already know that it can be a horse-race when dealing with all of the emotion that boils from inside of your home. You have so many feelings from different individuals within your home, and that is not mentioning your coworkers, friends, and distant relatives. You have a job at home and that is to maintain stability and hold the household together with “common-bond glue”. You try so hard and sometimes it just slips from your grasp at every turn.

Be Honest at Home

Tranquility can be hard to find but when you know the right key to use, that door of opportunity always opens at the right times. You, being a cornerstone to the household, have one important factor that offers you this bond for little effort. When you use this factor you start to see results immediately, and those who already utilize it know what I mean.

Honesty. This is the key, the great secret, the true faceplate for family oneness. When you create your life around honesty you can be assured that your whole family will begin to look at you through open eyes, and understanding connection and communication. When you become completely honest with yourself and your family you open doors that were closed prior. In honesty I don’t mean that you were lying before. This type of honesty is an honesty of self. You give your true self to your wife/husband, to your kids, even friends and family. This is when you learn to be open and truly honest when you speak. You go to them with respect, true concern, and heartfelt oneness.

When you begin to impress honesty upon your every move with your family, they begin to see you and your motives of love at first sight and they begin to read you, know you, and love you for the openness and fairness that you display. It teaches your children courage to be who they truly are, and to feel free about expressing themselves to you and with you without hesitation. Your unreserved behavior with them, allows them to be unreserved with you, and with children this can be one of the biggest blessing for any parent. But you can never receive this full respect when you do not feel comfortable enough with them to be fully representative about yourself with them. Children, tween’s, and teens need to know that you trust them in everyday conversation and opinions before they will feels secure enough within themselves to open up fully and completely with you. Show them the honest example and they will follow. Some see it as vulnerability, so therefore their children will grow up thinking that honesty and being open with those you love is a vulnerability. You can’t risk this way of thinking if you love your children, your wife, your family.

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