Baby Stroller, Choosing the Right One for Your Baby

Your baby is precious cargo. All you need is a stroller that will keep your child comfortable and safe, and fit your budget too. But what makes a stroller cost only $100 and another more than $1,000? Many factors, including quality, lightweight materials, modern styling, and more features than shaking a rattle. But, no need to spend a fortune to obtain a good stroller; it is all about how you’ll use it, and what’s essential to you. Strollers are a favorite baby gift as well as a shower present.

Before putting a model on your registry, you should evaluate your choices by pushing different models first. If you finally use your stroller always, your baby will spend time in it, so select the ideal model for your child. Use this post to help you get the right one from newborn to six months.

Traveling with a newborn baby requires special consideration of a stroller: Until the child is six months, or until the baby develops head and neck control, you’ll need a travel system or carrier that reclines completely to support your child safely. Having a stroller that comes along with a car seat (like a travel system) or is ideal for an infant car seat you have, can make your life simpler.

Double Stroller

The reason I am talking about double stroller first because I have seen most parents who have twins or two babies suffer a lot in case of choosing a stroller. These strollers also come in two different forms: Side by side and tandem. In my opinion side by side stroller is better than tandem in many ways. Some of the best double stroller brands are BOB, Joovy, Baby trend and Bugaboo etc.

The downsides you may find in these strollers are, they are pretty much heavy and bulky. Well, that’s so normal as you are getting Two strollers features in one. And also, you are going to carry two children. But some of the good brand double strollers are not so much heavy that you can’t handle them. In fact, they are more lightweight than some cheap single stroller.

All-in-One Travel System Stroller

Some first-time parents begin with an all-in-one travel system that has an infant car seat, a stroller, and a car-seat base. They could be cumbersome and can take up more room than only a stroller frame, but as soon as your baby gets to six months and can easily sit up, you will have the flexibility of using the travel system without any infant seat snapped in. There is some travel system that can accommodate infants less than six months old without any car seat if the system’s seat reclines to almost flat. The travel system is expensive, but a great value since the stroller used after the baby outgrows the car seat, contrary to a car seat carrier frame.

Lightweight strollers

These are ideal for going to the mall or traveling for a short while. Typically, your child is not very comfortable in your lightweight stroller, and some are not that good for newborn babies since they lack great back support. But they’re an ideal complement to a standard stroller. There are more expensive lightweight strollers available in the market, used for young babies that cannot sit up yet. But these strollers are much cheaper than all the other strollers. Maclaren, Disney and Amble Quad are good for lightweight strollers.

All-Terrain Stroller

When many people think of having a three-wheeler, they consider outdoorsy parents too, Right? But all form of parents enjoys all-terrain stroller. They are not only for joggers or walkers anymore. Some select an all-terrain not just for their sporty appearance, but for them to go to outdoor places such as the beach and park trails, and as the fair, the zoo and amusement parks. They run smoothly over rough sidewalks as well and an uneven floor or ground and for this, local communities or rural families like it.

Although this type of stroller is rugged, its swivel front tire and sleek form fit through tight doorways and aisles. Some will even accommodate infant car seats. Therefore, your newborn now has a travel system. The durable and strong build holds up to many different types of terrain and lasting life.

Jogging Strollers

These are ideal for parents with health-conscious because they let them keep their child with them while they jog. The stroller is healthy for children, as well as the fresh air in the morning, assists the baby to be healthy. They have a lightweight frame, and inflatable wheels that make them properly work on a broad range of surfaces while giving a smoother ride compare to other types of strollers. They use a three-wheel design that looks stylish and can be maneuver easily.

On the downside, these strollers are not lightweight compared to standard strollers and do not give as much storage space. A jogging stroller is not recommended to use for children under six months of age. Besides these are that kind of stroller that you have to choose so wisely. In case of a jogging, stroller quality is main. All you have to keep in mind is its suspension, soft seat and other features like a bucket, cup holders, huge canopy, and harness. BOB Revolution will fulfill all this recommends in case of a jogging stroller. Rated 5 out of 5 in design and features.

With so many stroller alternatives available, selecting the right baby stroller can be a hard decision. You just have to think about your needs before buying one. All those strollers are different in their ability. For an example, you can’t pick a lightweight or travel system stroller for jogging. So choosing a stroller according to your needs is very important. Strollers had evolved an excellent deal from when they were first produced. Now there is a wide range of trendy designs and innovative features to choose from, which means there is a unique stroller type for every parent’s lifestyle and budget.

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