Baby Story – The Unfolding Life of Your Infant

Do you have a baby book? Are you filling it out?

Take a moment and think how important this baby story really is. Your little baby’s life is only going to happen once. The memories being created today may seem very clear, but they will quickly fade into the background of the next day’s new events. If you do not start recording the story of your baby’s life, it will be lost.

Baby Story – The Unfolding Life of Your Infant

A baby book is a great place to start with writing a baby story for your child.

It gives you a structured format, and asks questions you will want to have written down and ready to refer back to. Usually they include places to add photographs, news clippings, and other small keepsakes. If you want to keep the complete story of your baby you are going to want to do even more.

With all of today’s technology you should be keeping a large library of digital photographs, and baby videos.

You can store the pictures and videos on your PC, create DVD discs, and even share them online. You can create a full photographic and video journal of your baby’s development, which can be continued throughout their childhood.

Even one or two years from now you will be extremely excited to watch videos of your baby when they were a newborn, and watch as all of their big firsts happen. Seeing a picture of video of the first tooth, the first holidays, and even the first time swimming are all fun to enjoy again and again.

Your infant has a unique baby story unlike any other baby.

You may want to share their story with relatives and friends on a baby blog, on Facebook, or another online service. This allows all of your family members to keep up with all the changes in your baby, even if they live on the other side of the country.

While photographs and the written word is great for keeping track of events, they do not capture the moment like a video. You are going to want to hear those cute baby screeches, cries, cooing, and giggling as they outgrow these stages. Don’t rely on your memory, capture the moments with your digital camera, taking both still photographs and video clips.

One of the best places to put all of the baby story together is on a baby blog. You can combine your written words, photographs, and video clips into one easy to search, and easy to navigate place. Don’t let the technology scare you. Most of the blogging platforms are very easy to use. You just follow the on screen instructions and soon your pictures, stories, and videos are ready to share with the world.

While you may believe you are recording this baby story only for your enjoyment, you will discover in the upcoming years you child is very interested, too. They may have a hard time believing the little infant making all that noise is really them.

Don’t just live the story, document and record the baby story to capture the moments for eternity.

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