Baby Skin Care – Is It Just Soap, Lotion, and Powder?

Baby skin is very sensitive, very soft, and very tender. You probably have watched all the TV commercials and seen all the advice on getting baby lotion, baby bath wash, baby shampoo, and baby powder for your baby skin care needs. Do you really need all of that? Do you need even more things?

The first item which you definitely need is a good baby bath wash. It is the one most critical portions of your baby skin care kit. Get a good quality bath wash which is very gentle. The only other consideration will be to check the scents to see if you like it. You can even choose an unscented product if you prefer to just smell an all natural clean baby.


Baby Skin Care – Is It Just Soap, Lotion, and Powder?


The baby skin care companies are very busy trying to convince you a newborn baby needs body lotion. The truth, your baby’s skin is going to take care of moisturizing itself if you do not interfere by using other chemicals. Your pediatrician may even advise you to avoid baby lotions for the first 1 to 3 months. It is a great question to ask them when they visit your baby in the hospital. If you choose to use a lotion, make sure to only use baby lotions, never substitute your own lotion.

What about baby powder? This one your pediatrician is almost sure to tell you to stay away from. It will dry the baby’s skin. It can be inhaled, and is not necessarily dangerous, but is not going to be the best thing for your little newborn baby’s lungs. While it always seems to be a popular item, do you have any valid reason to use it? Baby powder was more important when parents commonly used cloth diapers to help create a barrier between the baby’s skin and the urine. Today, with disposable diapers, the diaper is very effective at taking care of this job.

What about baby shampoo for their scalp and hair? This one is totally up to you. It is not any better using the shampoo or just using the same baby bath wash for their scalp and hair. If you prefer using the shampoo, go ahead. Just make sure it is a gentle baby shampoo.

What other items might you need for your baby skin care? Visit with your Doctor, but most parents want to have a good cream or ointment for baby rash. Your baby is likely to get a rash and you want to be ready. The one secret commonly kept from you is that air is more effective than most of the ointments. If the baby has a rash, leave them out of their diaper as much as possible to help the rash clear up.

Baby skin care is not as hard as you might have expected. Gentle cleaning is the most important part of the job. As your newborn grows you can start using lotion, baby perfume, and a little powder. Just do not buy into the idea these things are essential. Your baby’s skin knows what to do all by itself.

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