Baby Maker – Can You Really Find Out What Your Baby Looks Like Before It Is Born?

The term baby maker used to refer to people trying to have a baby, or to a woman who was prolific at having babies. Today the term has been latched onto by software programs which attempt to take pictures of yourself and your spouse, or potential mate, and combine them to give you an idea what your babies could look like.Baby Maker – Can You Really Find Out What Your Baby Looks Like Before It Is Born?

We all know that our babies appearance is based upon genetics. Their appearance is based upon an intermixing of traits from each of the parents, and the genes they carry from their ancestors. Certain genetic traits are more dominant, having a tendency to be handed down from the parent to the child. By using these types of clues some of the baby maker programs can give you a general idea of how your baby may look.

The challenge with any of these programs is nature’s uncanny method of surprising us. The dark hair we expected to be dominant comes out blindingly red or a beautiful blond. The brown eyes we expect our baby to have is replaced with the blue eyes no one expected. Is the baby maker software useless?

Actually these programs can give you the best guess of how your baby might appear. It is fun to play with the programs and to guess how close the baby many look like the outcome of the program. The real fun is when the baby is born. Then the baby maker program is completely forgotten and everyone starts trying to figure out if the baby’s nose looks like mom or dad. Are the eyes the same color as mom’s eyes?

If you take the baby maker program for its real intention, you can have a blast playing with it. It can be fun to combine the program along with picking names to see if the name fits the appearance. It can be fun to joke with family members about how the future baby is going to look just like them. You may even want to keep a picture from the baby maker software to show your child when they get a little older. They will probably get a big laugh from it.

It is actually a great blessing the program is not more accurate. Do you really want to know exactly how your baby will look? If you are like most parents you want the joy of seeing your baby, and exploring their appearance after they are first born. You want to be amazed at the careful combining of your family and your spouse’s family. You want all of those discussions of who the baby looks like, and to have the little arguments. It is all part of the delicious joy of having a new baby. Don’t worry, the program is not going to steal your fun. Nature has a way of constantly giving us pleasant surprises.

The baby maker program is just one more way to have fun during your pregnancy. Give it a try, just don’t take it too seriously.

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