Baby Journal – The Real Story Behind Your Baby’s Life

You probably have a baby book you are planning on filling out. You have places for all those firsts, a few pictures, and the information they think you want to record. A baby journal takes a different direction, allowing you to record your baby’s life in the daily observations you make.

Baby Journal – The Real Story Behind Your Baby’s Life

Creating a baby journal can take many directions. You can choose to go to a baby store and buy a nice baby journal book to hand write all of your thoughts. It is a fun way to spend a little time in the nursery each evening. You can put the baby down to sleep, grab the journal, and record your thoughts of the day. It can include discoveries, frustrations, happiness, whatever you felt, and what the baby did. It is a great way to capture the moments.

You may choose to do all of your baby journal online. Today, many parents create blogs, YouTube Channels, Facebook pages, and other avenues to tell their baby’s story. Instead of having a book to write in they sit down at the keyboard and type in their stories of the day.

There is one thing you must do if you plan to do an electronic online baby journal. You must keep either a printed, or saved to DVD copy of all your movies, sounds, and stories. Just because the blog platform or site is there today, does not guarantee it will be there next year, 5 years from now, or especially 20 years from now. Those memories are precious and need to be preserved for the future.

A great way to start keeping a baby journal today is to get a netbook, iPad, or other small electronic device. You can easily carry it into the nursery, and using a wireless internet connection record all of your thoughts while watching your baby sleep. It is a great way to keep the memories fresh, and get them down on a daily basis.

Which was is the best method to keep your journal? It really depends on only one thing, which way will you actually do it? If you love to write, go ahead and get a baby journal book. Your handwriting adds a special touch to the memory. You will have no need to keep a backup copy. It can be kept in the nursery with no problems.

If you hate writing, but love to jump onto your favorite websites, then create an online baby journal. It will let you use your passion for telling stories online, while recording all of your baby’s precious days. Check into methods of backing up the information from whichever platform you choose.

However you choose to create your baby journal, get started today. Even if you have just discovered you are pregnant. Start recording your feelings, thoughts, and what you learn from each Doctor visit. Those moments will be precious to you, and an important part of your baby’s history.

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