Baby Girl Clothing – Stop With The Pink Already

The baby shower is over and you are sitting there staring at all the clothes. You love the fact you are having a baby girl, but you never dreamed you could be sick of pink baby girl clothing even before she was born. You want some variety. What kind of clothes do you really want?

Your baby girl is going to look great in all those pink outfits, but she will look equally beautiful in yellows, light lavender, light greens, and many other cute colors. You are going to have much more fun dressing her when you get to choose from a wider selection of colors. Pink is pretty, but too much can make you become bored very quickly.

Baby Girl Clothing – Stop With The Pink Already

You will want a wide variety of ideas in your baby girl clothing, too. Get some great little checkered and striped shorts to go along with all the solid colors. It add a little more variety and adds more fun to her outfits.

Your baby girl’s shirts should have a lot of fun mixed in. Get some with figures from popular children’s TV shows, cartoons, and games. The other kids in your extended family will have fun seeing your baby dressed up in their favorite characters, and will give her even more attention. As she gets a little older those characters will be some of the first words she learns. She will be begging for her Elsa( Frozen) shirt, or hunting for her Sofia the First t-shirt.

One item you want to keep in mind, and let everyone know, is to buy all your baby girl clothing with the highest mix of natural fibers possible. The higher the cotton content, the more comfortable she is going to be. The natural fibers allow her body to breathe naturally, keeping her drier.

One other essential item for little girls in their wardrobe is panties. You will want to hide her little diapers underneath some really cute little diaper coverups and panties. There are many times you will be letting her play, run around, and crawl in just her t-shirt, diaper, and panties. You might dress her up for going out, but play time at home is all about comfort.

An essential part of baby girl clothing is cute little shoes. This is one place you need to show a little restraint. The shoes with cute little decorations may look pretty, but you will discover quickly her hands are stronger than you thought. Those decoration will get pulled off and head to her mouth. The decorations should be imprinted on the shoes, not hanging on them.

You are going to want to add some accessories to go along with your baby girl clothing. Hair ribbons, clips, and ties are essential as her hair gets longer. Use common sense when buying these accessories, keeping in mind the potential choking hazard.

With all the different pieces, accessories, and shoes you need in your baby girl clothing, it should be easy to avoid all pink. Fill out her wardrobe with a lot of variety, and you will have a blast dressing her multiple times per day. She will be the cutest little angel of all time.

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